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Since 1995, our professional editors have helped thousands of customers worldwide by providing the most comprehensive, lowest-priced editing service on the Internet.  We ensure that important documents (Ph.D. dissertations, Master theses, essays, research papers, proposals, stories, books, plays, articles, reports, letters, white papers, user guides, training manuals, speeches, presentations, advertising copy, etc.) are free of typos, poor grammar, inconsistencies, and miscellaneous errors.  We will read any document, perform all necessary edits, and return the document according to your specifications—on time, within budget, and IMPROVED as much as possible!

Whether you need basic editing at freshman-level or complicated editing at Ph.D.-level, we can assist you immediately!  No other service can match our expertise, quality, experience, or guarantees.  Our contracted staff consists of over 250 experts with extensive experience as editors for major newspapers, magazines, and book publishers.  We work 365 days per year editing business documents and academic term papers at every level of education.  Our editors are highly-educated specialists with impeccable research, writing, and editing skills who have vast experience in the editing field.  In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our editing, we will re-edit for FREE!  And remember, we can edit absolutely ANY document, of ANY length, for almost ANY delivery date.

We will edit for the accuracy and consistency of the following:Improve Grades

  • Citation style and formatting
  • Footnotes/endnotes
  • Capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar
  • Abbreviations/acronyms
  • Treatment of numbers
  • Italics, foreign words, special terms
  • Numbering/parallel wording/punctuation of lists
  • Figure and table legends
  • Anything numbered in sequence: lists, tables, figures, equations, outlines, etc.
  • Run-on sentences
  • Wordiness
  • Sexist language
  • Awkward constructions; vague language
  • Passive voice
  • Misused words
  • Content or tone
  • Cross-references
  • Organization
  • Correct any redundancy, passive voice, wordiness, poor diction
  • Sentence structure (syntax, variety, parallelism, clarity)
  • Paragraph structure (organization, length, coherence, transitions)
  • Organization (logic, unity, structure, transitions, summaries); query major problems
  • Style (appropriateness of tone and voice; level of language for audience)
  • Headings (to reflect text that follows)
  • Awkward or confusing sections (we query the writer if we are unsure of meaning)
  • Review document for sentences, paragraphs, or sections that could be cut
  • Check math, numbers, problems, and answers to questions in exercises
  • Compare descriptions of tables/figures in text to actual information in the tables/figures
  • Specific ESL requests
  • Cover, title page, and copyright page
  • Table of contents
  • Corrections from previous versions
  • Text flow (spot-check end of one page and beginning of next)
  • Electronic glitches (word breaks for no reason, poor spacing)
  • Art for appropriate reference and labeling
  • Page numbers, running heads, and footers
  • Page alignment
  • Margins
  • Registration marks, if needed

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