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Abortion and Women's Rights


***** issue of abortion and abortion rights is a contentious subject that has raised a considerable amount of ethical and legal debate. However the rights of a wom*****n to have an abortion are inextricably linked ***** other aspects of hum***** rights. The issue ***** abortion rights should therefore not be seen in isolation but ***** be considered in conjunction with and in relation to the general *****s of human and gender rights. In this context there can***** be an argument against ***** rights for women. There ***** also many examples of social realities, such as rape, discrimination and oppression that justify the right ***** ***** to choose to have an abortion. The question of abortion ***** a hum*****n ***** should therefore be considered in the larger and wider social and cultural context; as well ***** in ***** to o*****r human rights issues.

Ab*****tion and Women's *****

The issue of reproductive ***** is an import*****t aspect ***** women's rights and is one of the central issues in human rights debated in various regions throughout ***** world. The problem of reproductive rights is ***** inextricably linked to larger ***** rights ***** in that sex and reproduction are often used as ways of oppressing women in various cultures. Reproductive rights therefore refer to the *****sue of choice ***** ***** right for women and not men to decide for themselves - particularly with regard to their bodies and the important *****s ***** pregnancy and childbirth.

One study on this issue states the problem ***** the following way.

THE RIGHT ***** choose is just ***** aspect of a much larger issue of ***** ***** ***** ********** right to control ********** own bodies and reproductive lives. Although in recent decades the battle ***** centered around ***** right ***** abortion, ***** includes more than the right to terminate an unwanted *****--but also the ***** to ***** children

***** is every woman's right) central contention of this paper is that, in the light of the relationship between women's ***** rights and human rights in general, it ***** argued that ***** right to ***** is essentially a women's prerogative. This ***** will explore the various arguments ***** support ***** ***** of women to choose for themselves. The central thesis ***** therefore be summed up as follows: the right to legal ***** safe abortion and the ***** decision to terminate a pregnancy forms part of and is intimately linked to the o*****r women's *****s and should not ***** ***** as an isolated *****, but as a necessary part of the larger issues relating to ***** rights.

***** rights ***** defined clearly in the following quotation.

Reproductive rights include the rights of all individuals to control over *****ir own bodies, to have sex that is consensual, free from violence *****d coercion, and to enter marriage with the free and full consent of both parties. Reproductive rights are essential for women's exercise ***** their right to health. Women's reproductive ***** concern the freedom that women must *****


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