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Definition of Anorexia

Criteria for Diagnosis

Physical and Mental Signs and Repercussions

***** Treatments of Anorexia

Case Study Analysis (3)

***** Reflection




Anorexia Nervosa, a type ***** eating disorder, continues to plague some of the world's population, particularly white adolescent females obsessed with looking thinner. This paper endeavors to explore what exactly anorexia is, in relation to the category ***** 'eating disorder' as well as other eating disorders such as bulimia. The criteria for diagnosis will be identified as ***** as the population in our society most susceptible to falling victim to this mental illness. Physical ***** ***** signs and repercussions ***** also be highlighted along with 3 case studies advocating different treatments ***** combat this sickness. Traditional treatment normally consists of hospitalization, followed by psych*****apy. However, family or support *****rapy is gradually gaining credibility ***** popularity over traditional treatment routes.


Despite the fact that there is greater understanding amongst the medical profession and general society about ***** causes and effects of anorexia on its sufferers, there are still many people, both men and women, who suffer from what is largely considered a psychologic*****l disease. ***** paper endeavors to explore what anorexia is and how it differentiates from other eating *****. The criteria ***** diagnos***** will be highlighted and the demographics of the primary sufferers of this illness will ***** identified. The physical and behavioral signs of anorexia will be examined, as well as the physical and psychological repercussions of this sickness. Three different case studies will also be proffered by way of analyzing the effectiveness of current treatments, ***** ***** a personal note on the significance of studying ***** illness.

Prior ***** undertaking a comprehensive ********** of anorexia, it is important to define the parameters of this study. Anorexia is driven by the victim's fixation with *****ing thinner. The sufferer's body is ***** starved ***** emaciated due ***** harsh dieting or purging.

Anorexia ***** a form ***** eating disorder, which is defined as "an abnormal relationship ***** food. A person who uses food to cope with life's stresses has an eating disorder." Eating disorders are brought on by fac*****rs such as personality or emotional imbal*****ces, pressures from the ***** or friends, physical or sexual abuse, and biological or cultural susceptibility (the family may cook lots of rich food all the time but also be preoccupied with *****ing thin). Eating disorders encompass anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating *****.

Bulimia and compulsive exercise are affiliated ***** ***** because *****y all f***** under the banner ***** '***** disorder.' "Bulimia involves forcing oneself to throw up after eating and/or the abusive use of diuretics, laxatives, rules, restrictions, or exercise." It frequently involves binge eating. Compulsive exercising is just another outlet of behavi*****; "Compulsive Exercise is another way ***** "purge" and disordered eaters who suffer with these symptoms are typically considered to be *****ing from Anorexia, or ***** non-purging type (no use of laxatives, ***** ***** self-induced vomiting)." However, ***** illnesses ***** not mutually exclusive


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