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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Part 1: The Holland Land Purchase

Part *****: Robert Morris and Foreign Investment

***** 3: The Ellicott Family and the Survey

***** 3: Implications

Part *****: Historical

Part 2: Social, Economic and Political

***** 4: Conclusions

Works Cited

Appendix I-IV

I. Abstract

***** ***** Land *****: A Study of ***** Investment and Its Direct Influence on Socio-Economic ***** Political Changes in Past and Present New York

Throughout history America has been portrayed as ***** land of opportunity, ***** freedom and a place to pursue happiness. The nation is based on foreigners coming to th***** land to make a better life for ********** *****nd their families. *****se first Americans are our ancestors, family members who worked to make this country prosper and succeed abroad. At the birth of a gre*****t nati*****, there is not question these first ***** looked to other countries for support both financial and moral. ***** the time, such a concept of foreign direct investment like that ***** the Holland Land Purc*****e was not unheard of or without precedence. Investment in land, business and resources by people in ***** countries was fuel*****g the fire ***** American colonial economy ***** made many historical and important events possible for the ***** forefathers. Still the concept of foreign investment in the form of large land titles is need ***** study to understand not only the his*****rical impact but also how ********** transactions defined American *****, economy, society and politics. Is it possible one event can have that much impact? Clearly, the ***** Land Purchase is a defining force within New ***** history and Northeast history. The Holland ***** Purchase and the Great Survey that followed ***** New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania as states and later lead to ***** genesis of great cities like Buffalo, ***** York. Such a city was founded on the ***** and settlers need for l***** for not only commerce but ***** ***** live and breathe. This led to a great system of transportation or the Erie Canal that would act as a connector of commerce and economic stimulus. This ***** bring the Northe*****t closer together as a region but also open it to the rest of the nation. The Holland Land Purchase and its companies would also create important government alliances with key leaders in Washington, D.C. that would influence key decisions of how ***** country would blossom *****ally ***** socially. ***** Purchase ***** ***** have its percussions or negative impact in the f*****m of Indian Relations. The Holland ***** Company's attitude toward Native American displacement would only be a precursor to events to come for the country's original people. Today, the Purchase *****s our ***** in the form ***** certain barriers to race relations but also impacts how we view technology, innovation and growth. Today foreign ***** is still very popular even as th***** country was moved from being a deb*****r n*****tion to an Imperialist nation. Even in this day ***** age of post September 11, 2001, America


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