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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Part 1: The Holland Land Purchase

Part 2: Robert Morris and Foreign Investment

***** 3: The Ellicott Family and the Survey

Chapter 3: Implications

Part 1: Historical

Part 2: Social, Economic and Political

Chapter 4: Conclusions

Works Cited

Appendix I-IV

I. Abstract

The Holl***** Land *****: A Study of ***** Investment and Its Direct Influence on Socio-Economic and Political Changes in Past and Present New York

Throughout history America has been portrayed as the land of opportunity, ***** freedom and a place to pursue happiness. The nation is based on foreigners coming to th***** land to make a better life for *****emselves and their families. These first Americans are our ancestors, family members who worked to make this country prosper and succeed abroad. At the birth of a great nati*****, there is not question these first ***** looked to other countries for support both financial and moral. At the time, such a concept of foreign direct investment like that of the ********** Land Purc*****e was not unheard ***** or without precedence. Investment in land, business and res*****ces by people in other countries was fueling the fire of American colonial economy ***** made many h*****torical and important events possible for the ***** forefathers. Still the concept of foreign investment in the form of large ***** titles is need ***** study to understand ***** only ***** h**********rical impact but also how these transactions defined American history, economy, society and politics. Is it ***** one event can have that much *****? Clearly, the Holland Land Purchase is a defining force w*****hin New York history and Nor*****ast history. The Holl***** ***** Purchase and the Great Survey ***** followed ***** New *****, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania as states and later lead to the genesis of great cities like Buffalo, New York. Such a city was founded on the ***** and settlers need for land for not only commerce but ***** to live and breathe. This led to a ***** system of transportation or the Erie Canal that would act as a connector of commerce and economic stimulus. This ***** bring the Northe*****t closer together as a region but *****lso open it to the rest of the *****on. The *****and Land Purchase and its companies would also create important government alliances with key leaders in Wash*****gton, D.C. that would influence ***** decisions of how ***** country would blossom economically ***** socially. The Purchase ***** ***** have its percussions or negative impact in the form of Indian Relations. The Holland ***** Company's attitude toward Native Ameri***** dis*****ment would only be a precursor to events to come for ***** country's original people. Today, the ***** *****s our ***** in the form ***** certa***** barriers to race relations ***** also impacts how we view technology, innovation and growth. Today foreign ***** is still very popular even as ***** country was moved from *****ing a deb*****r nation to an Imperial*****t *****. Even in this day in age of post September 11, 2001, America


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