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Domestic violence has been around for as long ***** many cultures can remember, however, that's not an excuse for its continu*****ce. Although some see women and children as mere property, their rights and safety should be protected. Whether they suffer from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, thankfully there are an increasing number of programs ***** these victims to turn to. These programs work hard to take the steps necessary for America to become a domestic violence-free society.

Stopping Domestic Violence in America

Although ***** violence is often thought of ***** terms of physical violence or even ***** violence, it goes beyond that, beyond the cuts, the bruises, the scrapes, the broken bones; *****'s a control issue. "***** violence is a pattern of coercive ***** that one person exercises over another in order to dom*****ate ***** get ***** way." ("Voices Set Free," n.d.) In addition ***** physical and sexual abuse, it can, and ***** does, include emotional *****. It's an epidemic *****, although ***** been brought to the attention of the public in recent decades, has been occurring throughout the ages.

Due to ***** nature of domestic violence, *****d the secrecy that surrounds it in many cases, concrete statistics are sometimes difficult to come by. ***** a Department ***** Justice report, in 1998, ***** was estimated that there were 960,000 incidents of ***** perpetrated by a spouse or signific*****nt other, while a Commonwealth Fund rep*****t, for the same time period, stated that approximately 3 million ***** were physically abused. This ***** report noted ***** a spouse or significant other at some point in their lives had abused approximately *****1 percent ***** American women. And, Lieberman Research disc*****ed that 30 percent of Americans knew someone who had been abused by their spouse or significant other. (As cited in "Get the Facts," 2003)

*****, the violence often escalates to homicide when a woman stays in an abusive relationship and there is no intervention. Statistics show that current ***** past intimate partners murder nearly three women every day. Over 1,200 women were *****ed in 2000 by their current or previous spouse ***** significant *****. These accounted for more than a third of all murders of women, during this same time frame. (As cited in "Get the *****," 2003)

Although most people understand the harm that *****s to women who ***** the victims of domestic *****, *****ir children are victims *****o, even if ***** weren't the direct abusee.

The trauma *****y suffer in witnessing the violence is very real and can affect their entire lives. Children ***** are raised in a violent home have challenges in ***** aspect of growth ***** development. They are likely to have *****ies ***** *****ming *****s with other *****, and are much more likely to fail academically. Health problems ***** a common symp*****m of ***** in ***** child's home, and these health ***** can last their ***** life.

The one bright spot in this depress*****g scenario is the increasing awareness and number of programs for ***** ***** domestic violence.


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