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Write a one-p*****ge critique on class lecture given by guest speaker from MPI.


Use lecture as basis for writing *****.


The guest speaker provided an interesting cross section of information on being environmentally conscious.

[Lecture Critique] ***** speaker who discussed the tenets of ***** socially responsible about the environment presented this *****. The content was well organized and ***** in an interactive format. The atmosphere was friendly and non-threatening and allowed ***** ***** to provide feedback.

The lecturer's discussion included making environmentally ***** choices and what it means to be ***** "green." What ***** most interesting and made the class much more interactive was that she provided personal stories and experience ***** tied it into the subject matter. For example, when discussing ***** it ***** to ***** environmentally "*****," she mentioned her experience in a European hotel w*****e *****y advised about conserv*****g water and energy.

The lecture covered a lot of ********** all linked to the environment but none of them ********** covered in depth. This was more of an overview of key issues, supported by references to text materials and examples that demonstrated the importance ***** the issue.

***** lecturer knew her subject ***** and did not refer ***** *****es. I th*****k the lecturer provided a good underst*****ing of ***** material and her presentation style was comfortable. She immediately made the ***** interactive ***** looking for input.

This type of material can sometimes be dry but by using personal stories and examples, she made ***** tie into every day life. I was most surprised ***** the staggering amount of food that is wasted in our country.

***** this lecture will be the catalyst for wanting to know more about ways to protect ***** environment ***** ***** socially *****. My take-away from this lecture is that the environment is our future and our behavior will have long-term effects, not only on this generation but future


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