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The connection between cosmetology and sociology do not seem apparent. One concerns itself with appearances ***** the other with what lies beneath. However, I have drawn many meaningful connections between my work in cosmetology and ***** passion for social justice. I always understood that the face we present to the world can have a tremendous impact on others. When we carry ourselves with grace, poise, and confidence we can *****spire other people to reach their goals. On the ***** hand, when we fail to take care of our appearance we send a message that we do not care about life's beauty, that ***** have given up on the *****. Cosmetology has been a metaphor for my life because I have endeavored to use external ***** as a sign of inner peace. Now ***** intend to deepen my ability ***** heal others by working in the challenging field of social work. Helping uncover ***** root ca*****s of personal problems by addressing community unrest, and uplifting communities ***** inspiring individuals is the focus of my *****. At Spelman I will work with like-minded students to promote ***** justice.

My reasons ***** applying to Spelman are *****. First, volunteer work in my local ***** opened ***** eyes ***** the pressing need for an aware ***** well-educated core of service personnel. Second, my personal family background resembles that of the clients I intend to help. Third, Spelman will ********** me the supportive environment I need: one that allows me to express my unique worldview while encouraging ***** to think deeply and critically ***** the problems our country faces. Ultimately I would like to move back to the Baltimore area to give ***** to the community that nurtured me through my adolescence.

The Baltimore City Department of Human Services recently offered me an internship, which I am currently fulfilling. ***** shadow a c*****se*****er, which ***** been the most important impetus for my desire to work in the field of social work. Observing the difficulties of day-to-day job activities including the communications problems that ar*****e has illuminated what my future life will look like. The break*****s that I see do ***** occur as often ***** I would hope, but I have noticed ***** I sh***** drive ***** determination with my *****ntor. We both believe that ***** hard is ***** key to success, and that ********** troubled teens requires an open heart ***** ***** open mind. Moreover, the caseworker I *****adow is one who works specifically ***** juveniles living in detention and foster care facilities. ***** ***** ***** blessed with ***** opportunity to serve the Baltimore community ***** th***** fashion and I ***** to pursue a career in exactly that *****: juvenile care.

Children and adolescents who grow up in unstable home *****s do not have enough safety nets or supp*****t systems that can help them thrive. Not everyone ***** enjoy a lov*****g extended ***** ********** I did; ***** my mother passed away I relied on ***** aunt for stability and support and she a*****pted me


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