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The advantages and dis***** to the Voucher System

Voucher ***** voucher system is an alternative method of funding education. Instead of tax revenue being distributed to state-run schools, parents are issued directly with vouchers, which can be spent on education in any school, privately or publicly run. Schools therefore compete for pupils and the funds that come with *****m.

Advantages of the Voucher System

One advantage of a voucher plan is increasing the range of options for the consumer, namely students and parents. Dissatisfied consumers are free to shop around for better goods. A school that satisfies personal desires for *****ir children's education may be a priv*****te institution, one that the family ***** not be able ***** afford without voucher.

Another advantage acknowledged profusely by advocate, is the increased opportunity provided to lower achievers. Lower ***** in under-funded urban ***** have ***** opportunity ***** attend schools with the means to provide ***** quality education with the financial assistant of *****.

The major advantage of a ***** system is ***** it removes ***** differentiation between state and non-government schools, ***** does not penalize parents for the choices they make. Low-income parents would be allowed greater control and choice than ***** presently the case.

Disadvantages of the Voucher System

***** disadvantage of vouchers is that ***** takes funds away from the schools that need them most. Schools operating in rich areas will ask more than the basic voucher price, while schools ***** in the most difficult circumstances, dealing with socially excluded groups ***** be restricted to ***** basic voucher amount. Funds should be targeted to schools that need them, not schools who are already succeeding.

A*****her d*****advantage is that ***** *****not be a market. Supply cannot adjust fast enough to changing dem***** so some ***** will always end up stuck in dying, under-funded schools because over-subscribed ***** ***** expand ***** enough.

***** major drawback of a voucher system ***** th*****t by ***** non-government schools on the same basis as state schools, it makes them vulner***** to the same level of government regulation. The success and popularity ***** non-government schools is arguably due to their greater autonomy and indep*****ence.


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