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Advantages of Time Study

Time study requires understanding the entire process of the operation that is performed

Understanding the process can help use the labor force more effectively for various tasks

***** studies can ***** management train both new and ex*****ting workers in techniques that can help ********** work more efficiently. For example the time study may reveal that when ***** work in done is a specific manner the process may actually be faster ***** more effective.

Money ***** be saved. By understanding the process the work can ***** produced ***** ***** and with less variability. This will result in fewer employees required to do the task sav*****g the company the cost of hiring new *****.

Time ***** ***** also help standardize the product, therefore reducing the ***** in the product. ***** doing this companies can eliminate waste, reduce ***** time spend in rework and plan and schedule tasks more efficiently.

Data from time studies can also be used ***** used for bidding and cost assessment. For example assume a men's suit manufacturing ***** has time study data, which state it takes 1 hour to stitch a man's jacket. The company can use ***** data ***** bidding on a contract job ***** 10,000 jackets ***** ***** also estimate the time and labor that is required for completing the task. Understanding the requirements can help ***** determine the profit that can ***** made. In addition by ensuring that the actual work matches with ***** time study numbers the fear of exceeding the manufacturing costs ***** eliminated.

***** study can be used to ***** piece-rate incentives ***** the items *****. Management can use this incentive to encourage competition between ***** and improve ***** production rates in the organization. Care should however be taken to see that the pieces produced are acceptable ***** quality when compared to the specifications required.

***** of Time Study:

***** methodologies employed depend on the management goals and aims and may not always be relevant for the operati*****s.

Unions and workers may resent that the tasks they per*****m is ********** quantified ***** respect to ***** ***** quality of work. Buy-in for doing work-studies may be very difficult for the ***** ***** obtain from the union. The workers ***** also intentionally mislead ***** time study process that is being conducted in the organization.

Difficulty in ma*****taining consistency of the time study and ***** results may vary depending on the workers who were used ***** test subjects. Workers ***** work slower than normal or speed up their w*****king habits ***** they as observed. This may give wrong results. Studies ***** that this error can be ***** much as ± 20%.

Extensively using the piece rate system for compensation of workers may create and unhealthy work environment. Competition may get ***** intense eventually becoming detrimental.

Using the time and motion studies exclusively does ***** require worker input and ***** assumption that the management is right is made. Organizations are changing and worker participation ***** employee empowerment is becoming important. ***** concept


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