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Advertising- Mobile phone category

Analyses of advertisements for Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia

***** the analyses of TV ads in the mobile phone category, ads for Apple ***** ("Read"), Verizon BlackBerry Storm, ***** Nokia N96 (featur*****g Bruce Lee playing ping pong) were chosen. Brief description of each ***** ad is as follows:

The Apple iPhone ad entitled "Read" features the different applications available in the iPhone 3G. It shows a close-up im*****ge of the ***** itself, with the user acting as "navigator" for the viewers to see the different ***** of ***** phone. Three (3) applications are featured, demonstrating how users can view blogs, pho*****s/pictures as complex as MRI images, and e-books where pages ***** be turned/"flipped" with a touch of the finger on ***** lower right corner of the screen. A voice-over (VO) informs the viewers of each applicati***** throughout ***** commercial, using repetitively the phrase, "there's an app for that." The ad closes with the tagline, "There's an ***** for just about everything. Only on the iPhone," after which logos for the ***** iPhone 3G and AT&T ***** s*****n.

***** BlackBerry Storm ad, meanwhile, features the BlackBerry ***** on a wooden table ***** a cup of c*****fee. Viewers he*****r a *****, ***** the owner of the voice is possibly the individu*****l drinking ***** coffee on the *****. From the tell-tale clue of the blue green carpet, one can assume ***** the setting ***** an office, al*****it a homey one. This is confirmed when the VO expresses his curiosity over the BlackBerry phone on ***** table, indicating that the ***** is not his, and it probably belongs to someone else in ***** office. He picks up the phone out of curiosity, since he has 'already seen BlackBerries before,' and he wants to know "what the fuss is all ab*****." As he picks up ***** phone, t***** screen goes blank, and viewers ***** hear the VO saying, "Wow." The ad closes with ***** from BlackBerry Storm (with the line "Coming soon") and ***** Wireless.

Lastly, ***** Nokia N96 ad features Bruce Lee using a chain weapon as ***** "paddle" in a ***** pong game. Known for his prowess in the martial arts, ***** video captures Bruce ***** playing singles a la martial ***** style with, presumably, a Chinese player. The video is shot in black and white, and the 60-seconder ad ***** divided ********** two matches: the first part showing Lee ***** singles, ***** the second part showing him playing doubles, still with his chain weapon. Lee defeats both players, and the ad closes with a shot of ***** Noki***** N96 with a ***** ***** Lee's famous "hiyaaaah!" ***** arts call sound. A rotated view of N96 is shown, ***** the image and name ***** Lee engraved at the back of the *****, with text written in ***** characters. ***** ad ***** by showing ***** URL where ***** can get more information about N96:

***** these ads, both Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm demonstrated a clear positioning of their


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