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American with Disabilities Act

The Americans ***** Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990 as Public Law 101-336. However, the law didn't become effective until January 26, 1992. The ***** is federal legislation that opened up services and employment opportunities to the millions of ***** with disabilities. This law was written to help balance the reasonable accommodation ***** citizens' needs and the capacity of private and public entities to respond. It ***** put into place to get rid ***** illegal discrimination and level ***** playing field for disabled individuals.

***** advocating rights for ***** people, many have worked ***** establish several important principles. One is that they be considered on the basis of individual merit, not on stereotyped assumptions about disabilities. A*****her is ***** society must make certain changes to enable the disabled to participate more easily in business ***** social activities such as providing wheelchair access ***** public transportation, building entrances, and **********. A third principle is that, to the extent appropriate for each individual, d*****abled people should be mainstreamed with people who do not have disabilities.

Components of the Legislation

***** law is made ***** ***** five titles that prohibit discrimination against disabled persons in the United States. Titles I and ********** of this legislation affect local government.

Title I addresses ***** area of employment. *****t states that places ***** business must provide accessible facilities to protect the ***** of individuals with ***** in all ********** of employment. Changes might *****clude restructuring jobs, altering the layout of workstations, or modifying equipment. Employment aspects may include the application process, hiring, wages, *****nefits, and all o*****r aspects of *****. Medical examinations are specific and ***** be monit*****ed.

***** the 1998-99 term of the United ***** Supreme Court, a m*****jor area ***** focus was on defining the American with ***** Act. The justices reviewed whe*****r former employees could sue their former employers for violations of the act even though the former ***** were seeking full disability ********** from the Social Security Administration. Various cases and *****ir resolutions were evaluated. The ***** Court agreed to decide if former employees could ***** employers for alleged violations of the Americans ***** Disabilities ***** even though the claimants already sought full disability benefits under Social *****. The addition ***** the ADA case, Cleveland vs. Policy Management Systems Corporation, to the docket was a significant case for *****. The question ***** was ***** be answered with ***** case is whether workers who made disability claims ***** Social Security and then collected ***** payments might also pursue claims ***** employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

***** Cleveland was the plaintiff in this case. She suffered a stroke and applied for Social Security *****. When the doctor released her to return to work, she ********** the Social ***** Administration that she no longer needed the benefits. She returned to work, but ***** had trouble with ***** job responsibilities ***** ***** fired. She filed again ***** ***** Security disability benefits ***** before ***** received


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