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American Red Cross

A: Memorandum

1.1 Introduction

The American ***** Cross has become a preeminent ch*****rity organization in the United States and is mainly concerned with aiding people in the prevention of ***** preparation for emergencies and crises. The American Red Cross helps in terms ***** emergency response as well as public education and information about disease and other healthcare issues. It is also concerned with issues such as blood supplies ***** transfusions and is the largest supplier of blood and blood products in ***** ***** States. (The ***** Red Cross Joins the Fight Against Malaria)

***** organization is volunteer based and receives its funds from ***** donations. In terms of ***** structure ***** management it is not a governmental organization and has ********** own internal management ***** supervisory system. *****s budget is derived ***** donations as ***** as fees that are charged for some services.

The American ***** Cross comprises 769 regional or city-based chapters. In terms of the management of this large organization ***** directors of the chapters have a certain amount ***** control and autonomy in planning and ascertaining which the most important areas of concern are. The Red Cross is also exempt from tax as it ***** considered as a non-pr*****it charitable organization. (HowStuffWorks: "How ***** American ***** Cross Works.")

In recent years that Red Cross also expanded its ***** into such fields as civil defense, CPR training, HIV/AIDS education, and "...***** provision of emotional c***** and support to disaster victims and their survivors." (A Brief History ***** the American Red Cross) The ***** red ***** is also the main ***** of "mass care" in declared ***** areas.(A Brief History of the American Red Cross)

Unique Aspects central aspect that makes ***** American ***** Cross unique is the fact ***** is funded through ***** ***** and comprised largely of volunteers. A ***** aspect of the organization is the excellent work that it does - especially with regard to blood supplies ***** disaster prevention. Another aspect that should be noted is ***** the American Red Cross ***** affiliated ***** and allied ***** the larger International Red Cross. In this regard, "...***** American Red ***** joins more than 175 other national societies in bringing aid to victims of disasters throughout the world. (A Brief His*****ry ***** the American Red Cross)

1.3. Reflections on ***** study

***** exploration of the literature on this ***** has made me aware of the wide range ***** activities and services that the American Red Cross provides in the United States, as well ***** in other areas of the *****. At the same time, ***** research also highlighted the many difficulties involved in managing ***** supervising an enterprise ***** this size and complexity. This became clear from the plethora of reports and studies which questioned and critiqued aspects ***** ***** distribution of funds ***** services in some cases by the ***** Red *****. The research on this topic also made me more aware ***** the importance of an organization of this nature and the


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