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Analysis of a Strategic Tourism Management Plan


Today, travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, and its importance to ***** survival of some communities has become clearly evident in recent years. According to Harrill and Potts, international tourism remains a consistently productive industry despite periodic downturns in the global economy. During the period between 1950 and 1999, ***** number of international tourist arrivals worldwide increased from.025 billion to.664 billion and is projected to reach 1.56 billion by 2020; in 1999, gross receipts from international ***** exceeded $1 ***** in 59 countries ***** territories around the world (***** & *****, 2003). With all of this money up for grabs, it is not surprising that strategic tourism management has emerged as an import*****t field of study in ***** years. In this regard, while the ch*****enge is great, many ***** have been able to achieve spectacular results in improving *****ir tour*****m levels through careful ***** and the recognition that their lives are intimately linked with their ability to preserve and promote what resources they have avail***** for this purpose. To determine how effectively the Northern Territory's (Australia) Strategic Plan ***** Tourism ***** to 2007 accomplishes this and its other stated goals, this ***** provides an *****alysis of the plan according ***** the insights and trends identified in a critical review of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature. Relevant organizational online resources will also be consulted, ***** a summary ***** the research and salient findings *****ing presented in ***** conclusion.

Review and Analysis

Background and Overview.

***** to the Northern Territory's ***** Web site, "***** December 2002, the Minister for Tourism launched the Nor*****rn Territory Tourism Strategic Plan 2003-2007. The Strategic Plan articulated a vision, shared by both Government and industry, for the future growth of tourism in ***** Northern Territory. It laid out a direction for the tourism ***** ***** five ye*****rs, outlining a comprehensive set of str*****tegies and *****ting clear targets" ("NT Tourism ***** Plan," 2007, p. 1). The strategic ********** covers the period between 2003 and 2007, ***** is in response to ***** need to promote an increasingly important component of the region's *****. In the "*****'s Foreward," The Hon. Dr Chris Burns MLA Minister for ***** reports that, "Tourism is a vit*****l sector of the Northern Territory (NT) economy, directly supporting 8,400 jobs and injecting over $1.026 billion into our economy annually. ***** plays a cruci*****l part in our day-to-day *****, and will be a fundamental key to our future ***** and economic prosperity" ("NT T*****ism Strategic Plan," 2007, p. 1). The overall plan is guided by two fundamental *****:

***** a destination-based approach to future development involving identifying and planning the ***** of previously under emphasised icons as well as an incre*****ed focus on the ***** *****urism 'building blocks' of nature-based and cultural tourism, promoting those areas that provide them with a competitive advantage; *****,

***** the negative impacts ***** seasonality to create an environment ***** will help the ongoing viability of businesses. "The


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