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Analytical Comparison

On Death

In the poems of John Donnes, Death Be Not Proud and Wislawa Szybmborska, On Death, without Exaggeration, both writers give importance on ***** intrinsic topic ***** death. Written almost three centuries apart, each poem narrates fine points about death, its immediate effects ***** life and the flaws of its character in carrying out its duties in this world. These two literary works bears witness on the perspective ***** each author from two different generations, with one on its defense and the other as death's modern critic.

Death Be Not Proud speaks of death as a subtle reality of life. It is not executed ***** arrogance but is highly regarded by the author as a n*****tural means ***** fulfilling destiny.

***** be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty ***** dreadful, for art ***** so"

***** this *****, it shows no hate or fear to death ***** instead it conveys the inner magnificence of this natural occurrence. ********** a man of religious belief, John ***** explicitly pictures the images of death in ***** positive impression. Ever s*****ce, death have been regarded by ***** teachings ***** the church as a holy cycle of life wherein ***** is the end ***** man's life on earth and the start of a new life for a ***** soul in heaven. Hence, in this poem the beauty of death is depicted as a form of deliverance.

***** the soonest our best men thee do go,

Rest ***** their bones and souls delivery"

In contemporary perception to the literary work, the actuality of death is similar to that of natural rest and sleep. It is in the same notion ***** every time a man falls into sleep it is in *****s ***** course practic*****g the experience of death. Therefore, ***** is a p*****rt of ***** that no one is exempted and cannot be stopped. Death, however inevitable, is an assurance of *****'s belief that there ***** a supreme destination after death. It is a component of our hum*****nity and in essence the ***** presents reverence and optimism to death.

However, ***** contrast to Death Be Not *****, the modern-day poem, On *****, without Exaggeration critically defines the imperfection ***** death. Evidently, the *****, ***** Szymborska, wants to put across the conception that death by its natural ***** has its own defects. Death is just an obstacle to life, for so many times it can't even perform its duties according to the interest of ***** natural occurrence. Death deters the ***** of ***** ***** the hopes of man's future. This unavoidable ***** ***** prevented so many ***** man's plans for his future to be fulfilled.

In our planning for tomorrow, it has the final word, which is always beside the point"

On Death, w*****hout *****'s notion ***** far opposes the claims of Donnes that death is not a dreadful event, ***** this ***** speaks of death as a supernatural being *****ing its task ill at ease and in the most awkward manner. For


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