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Animal Experimentation

This is a paper that concentrates on the negative side of animal experimentation. There are four references used.


Animal testing is becoming a major issue for many people today. The pictures of innocent animals with electrodes attached to *****m, as well as those showing the results of numerous chemical tests on skin and fur, haunt ***** who love animals.

Death and Injury Rate

In 2000, labs across ***** county reported they used 1,416,643 animals for experimentati*****.

The actual number, however, is over 20 million, since there are between 22 ***** 128 facilities that refuse to furnished the number ***** animals currently involved in tests. ***** are "tens of millions of animals (htt://" be*****g killed every year by facilities ***** care more about receiving grant money than ***** welfare of the *****.

Drug Testing

Pharmaceutical companies have been using animals ***** years in *****ir efforts ***** develop new drugs for humans. The problem with ***** animals is ***** have different body functions than humans. Animals ***** "circulatory, alimentary and nervous systems similar to those of humans (unknown, 2002)," but just a sm*****ll difference ***** molecules ***** enough ***** cause a drug to have an opposite effect in humans.

Some examples ***** different ********** reactions are: humans can take aspirin, but it is lethal for cats; arsenic is harmful to humans, but monkeys ***** take ***** without any ill effects; ***** while most people can take penicillin for infections, but it will kill guinea pigs (unknown, 2002). The difference in the ana*****my of animals and humans ***** a signific*****nt reason not to do drug test*****g on *****.

***** in the Lab

***** hard ***** imagine ***** cruelty some animals ***** subjected to during experimentati*****.

Last year, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a researcher was videotaped "using scissors ***** cut ***** heads off conscious, unanaesthetized animals before removing their brains (Heyde, 2002)." The researcher admitted doing it for convenience, though it violated university protocol. In the same lab, animals were being injected with tumor cells without proper authorization. ***** tumors were allowed "to grow so big they exceeded size limits permitted by the facility (*****, 2002)."

***** the United States, animals that are still alive are thrown in trash cans or placed in freezers by uncaring researchers.

Tests Performed

Researchers perform a variety of cruel tests on ***** and rationalize them ***** saying ***** are "necessary for the experiment (htt://"

Animals are exposed to "addictive *****s, electric shock, food and water deprivation, caustic chemicals, blinding, chemical ***** biological weapons and radiation (htt://" The horrible thing is there are no restrictions on the tests that can be performed ***** the animals.


***** ********** world of technology, animals no longer need to be the ***** victims of medical schools ***** companies testing their products. Instead of dissecting ***** in labs, schools are finding computer programs are just as effective in teach*****g students ana*****my. Cosmetic companies are starting to rely on human volunteers to test


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