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Appendix C

Understanding Work-Related Injuries

Case Studies:

Janet works as a branch manager for a large banking firm. Her job requires her to travel by personal vehicle to different branch offices several times each week. Janet has lower back problems from a result of ***** skiing accident many years ago, which is further aggravated by long periods of sitting while driving. Janet was returning from the ***** ********** ***** ***** home office on Thursday afternoon when another driver struck her car from behind. A physician examined Janet and determined that the accident aggravated her pre-existing back injury. The physician ordered Janet to remain off work ***** at least two weeks.

Is this injury covered under workers' compensation? Yes

Rationale for your decision: Personal injury caused by accident on the *****

If *****, identify the appropriate injury category: Injury with temporary disability

Frank works as a clerk in a local convenience s*****re with a non-smoking policy. On a ***** work break, Frank stepped outside ***** building to smoke a cig*****rette. As Frank walked across the parking lot, he slipped on a patch of ice and fell, *****ing his wrist ***** injuring his outstretched hand.

Is ***** ***** covered under workers' compensation? No

***** ***** your decision: Did not arise out of employment

If covered, identify ***** appropriate injury category: N/A

Tom is an electrici***** who works for Eagle Electrical Company as an independent contrac*****r. L*****t Tuesday, the company dispatched Tom to a local business ********** to investigate a wiring problem. While checking ***** circuit box, Tom sustained severe burns to his hands and upper torso when a f*****ulty switch caused an electrical arcing event. Tom's medical bills totaled over $750,000.

Is this injury c*****ed under workers' compensation? No

Rationale for your decision: Independent contractors are not covered (additionally, failed to use safety equipment/take precautions)

If *****, ***** the appropriate ***** category: N/A

***** works for Home Solutions Experts as a carpet installer. ***** company actively promotes workplace safety and provides ergonomic equipment to all employees. Rich has had ongoing pain in his knees, ***** it is progressively worsen*****g. After an examination, his physician determined he was suffering ***** burs*****is, commonly known as "***** layer's knee." This required an arthroscopic knee aspiration, a minimum ***** three weeks off work, and physical t*****apy.

Is this injury covered under workers' *****? *****

Rationale for your decision: Unexpected result over time (repetive stress) ***** occurred during the normal course of employment

If covered, identify ***** appropriate injury *****: ***** requiring vocational rehabilitation

***** works as a transportation security ********** for the Office of Homel***** Security. During ***** course of a routine airport baggage screening, a p*****senger bec*****me agitated and shoved Bonnie, causing her to stumble backwards over a pile of luggage. As a direct result, Bonnie experienced severe back pain, which ***** physician diagnosed as a strained muscle. He ***** her to remain off work for at ***** one week ***** on light duty for ***** weeks after.

Is this injury ***** under ***** compens*****ion?


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