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***** Nature of Art

Social, political, or economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning ***** art. Indeed, all of these conditions can alter the nature and meaning of art, as ***** er***** indicate. The opulence that is exhibited at the Hall ***** Mirr*****s in Versailles was art "over ***** top," with every square inch of available surface decorated to the extreme. Unlike the Romantic era, where art celebrated the religious and the beauty of art, Versailles is an excellent example of art taken to ***** extreme, not for spiritual or domestic uses, but f***** pure aesthetics and opulence.

Rococo actually derived ********** the opulence of Louis IV's Versailles, as a protest *****gainst the opulence and some believed tasteless display of wealth and power. Rococo was lighter ***** less showy, although it still combined great attention ***** detail and design. This clearly shows just how social ***** economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning of *****. People were reacting negatively to the wealth and ***** of King Louis' court, ***** because of this, *****y created a new, less opulent style of art.

In addition, the Romantic era ushered in more spirituality and idealism, and much ***** need for opulent displays of wealth ***** power. Romantic *****ists were interested in new techniques and ideas, along with new ways of s*****ing them to the world. William Blake's works included writings and illustrations, some ***** which were a bit moody and gothic, which also characterized this era. It was a time of modernization, when the opulence of the past simply did not seem relevant or even desirable any *****, and it again illustrates just how different *****s and ideas about society and money can ***** art and artists' *****. Art mirr*****s society and society's interests, which is why it has always changed through time, ***** will continue to do so.


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