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The Nature of Art

*****, political, or economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning ***** art. Indeed, all of these ***** can alter the nature and meaning of *****, as these er***** indicate. The opulence that is exhibited at the Hall ***** Mirrors in V*****sailles was art "over the top," with every square *****ch of available surface decorated to the extreme. Unlike ***** Romantic era, where art celebrated the religious ***** the beauty of art, Versailles is an excellent example of art taken to the extreme, not for spiritual or domestic uses, but ***** pure aesthetics and opulence.

Rococo actually derived from the ***** of Louis IV's *****, as a protest *****gainst the opulence and some believed tasteless display of wealth and power. Rococo ***** lighter ***** less showy, although it still combined great attention ***** detail and design. This clearly shows just how social and economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning ***** art. People were reacting negatively to the wealth and ***** of King Louis' court, ***** because of this, they created a new, less opulent style ***** *****.

In addition, the ***** era ushered in more spirituality and idealism, and much ***** need for opulent displays of wealth ***** power. Romantic artists ***** interested in new techniques and ideas, along with new ways of s*****ing them to the world. William Blake's works included writings ***** illustrations, some ***** which were a bit moody and gothic, which also characterized this era. It was a time of modernization, when the opulence of ***** past simply did not seem relevant or even desirable any m*****e, ***** it again illustrates just how different ********** and ideas about society and money can ***** art and artists' *****. Art mirrors society ***** society's interests, ***** is why it has always changed through *****, and will continue to do so.


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