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Aviation Security and its Impact on Airports

The ec*****omic prosperity and the security of the US depend to a large extent upon the world's airspace utilization by the Nation and its global partners and the safe ***** secure operations of its aviation system. There are innumerable threats and perils for the Air Domain. The catastrophic events ***** 9/11 ***** the August 2006 Heathrow plot are blatant reminders of ***** dangers facing the ***** industry and ***** ability and intent ***** enemies who wish ***** harm the ***** ***** its people. ***** main originators of threat are ***** criminals, the terrorists and the hostile-nations; and *****re are three main categories of threats- hostile exploitation of cargo, threat to the Aviation Transportation System infrastructure and ********** to and from the aircrafts. ***** is a wide *****rray ***** probable threat scenarios at various types of airport facilities that require caution. Placing of explosives inside or near ***** passenger ********** targeting commuter concentrations at commercial airports, targeting multi-use *****, ***** instance those which combine military and commercial oper*****ions or general ***** commercial aviation operations where there is a co-existence of dissimilar security procedures and unrelated ***** authorities, ***** some of the tactics used by terrorists. ("National Strategy for Aviation *****," 2007)

***** danger and threat to commercial aviation is nothing new now, it has become sort ***** routine; there ***** been no change in the basic modes of attack. In July, 1968, the very first terrorist hijacking for the purpose ***** political ex*****rtion took place. The very first ***** bombing of an airliner in mid-air took place in May, 1949. In June, 1968 the first armed attack took place on an *****-*****-ground airliner and the initial indiscriminate armed attack occurred in May, 1972 on air *****s at an airport. Classified as per the target, commercial ***** assault can be carried out against airline offices, airliners and airports. It is apparent that the most common ***** in commercial aviation attacks has been the airl*****ers. During ***** 50 year period from 1947-1996 the attack on airliners were 1,098 as compared to 249 airline offices attacks and 129 airport attacks. The airline office ***** airport attack are *****t done by any private party but is a terrorist group tactic. These attacks started surfacing only after 1968 when international terrorism started growing. The ***** can also be classified according to the mode of operation used. The ***** ones ***** armed assaults, ***** and hijacking. There were 959 incidents of ***** during the ***** year *****, i.e. hijacking contributed almost 87 percent of all the airliner attacks. (Wilkinson; Jenkins, 2003) critical constituent of the nation's physical infrastructure, overall security and economic foundation l*****s in the *****ty and security of ***** civil aviation system of the nation. In order to attain such a safe environment, nations spend billions of dollars ***** multitude of policies and programs are ********** to upkeep ***** security. The U.S. General Accounting Office -- GAO tried to analyze the weaknesses in their aviation security system after


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