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This paper discusses the ethical issues in leadership traits that are prevalent in the corporate world. The paper goes on to discuss the solutions that are possible in event of unethical conduct.


Ethics can be defined as those steps that safeguard integrity of an individual or a society. The focus of this paper is however . . . .

Wachovia Corp, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a bank holding company for nationally chartered commercial banks. One of the U.S.'s most reputable banks and founded in 1967, this company is run by:Robert P. Kelly, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; G. Kennedy Thompson, Chief Executive Officer; Robert S. McCoy, Vice Chairman of the Board; B.J. Walker, Vice Chairman . . . .


Advertising has been a powerful marketing tool for very long. However, it can only be effective if the message is allowed to be conveyed without many legal restrictions. In societies where marketing has to be subtle because of religious or cultural restrictions, it is difficult to get the message across to the consumers in the least. Moreover . . . .

The Future of Internet Advertising

The whole history of Internet advertising started in the middle of 1990s when the Internet was first functioning and commercially launched as the part of technological contribution to worldwide communication.

In a very short time, this issue had changed everything in the world, and made a big revolution to the traditional media-based marketing . . . .


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Egypt, located in Africa, is positioned on the Mediterranean Sea between the Gaza Strip and Libya.

It has a population of a little over 71 million people.

They have a birth rate of 27 per 1,000 people, 2% increase per year.

At this . . . .



Egypt, located in Africa, is positioned on the Mediterranean Sea between the Gaza Strip and Libya.

It has a population of a little over 71 million people.

They have a birth rate of 27 per 1,000 people, 2% increase per year.

At this rate their population should more than double by the year 2050 to over 115 million people. . . . .

Health Care Worker Abuse & Violence in the Healthcare System

There are many types of violence that health care professionals, as well as those who manage the professionals, need to be on the lookout for. There is, of course, the sad reality of child abuse and domestic abuse. There is also street violence and plain senseless violence, like Columbine or the attacks on New York and . . . .

Q.1. The Post-modern world can be simply defined as a world where an all-encompassing web of bureaucracy controls and governs all our actions. In this world, the government and big corporations are involved in a complex game of accumulation of wealth and riches. This is not unlike the methods of the old structuralistic world. When the picture of the current world is seen in its entirety, one . . . .

E-Commerce and Business Redesign


The e-banking business faces many of the same roadblocks as the rest of the retail sector, when it comes to wide spread usage and acceptance of their e-banking systems. The focus of this research will be to explore the effect of the Internet on the traditional brick and mortar retail bank. E-banking still faces many roadblocks in the re- . . . .

Foreign Direct Investment and the Impact of Terrorism

Foreign Direct Investment provides many opportunities for both the expanding company and the host country. The host country receives an influx of business into their economy and the expanding company receives the ability to expand into new and emerging markets. There are many factors that weigh into a decision to expand and invest in . . . .

Data Encryption


With the ever-increasing amount of information traffic on the net (LAN, WAN, etc) there is a corresponding increase in the risk of vital data falling into the wrong hands. Data encryption is a technology that provides for a safe, secure and private information exchange.


The advancement of computer technology has bought a paradigm . . . .

The Asian Crisis and Its Effect on the United States


When the Asian Crisis hit in 1997 and carried through to the early part of 1999, the Asian countries weren't the only ones who suffered. Naturally the crisis was most devastating to the people and the businesses that live and work in countries like Japan and Korea, but overseas, the Western nations were affected . . . .

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

This paper explores the topic of profit sharing. The writer examines the history of the concept and whether or not profit sharing improves productivity. There were 10 sources used to complete this paper.


The economic slump in America the last few years has been counter productive for . . . .

Using the Mentoring Process in a Business Setting


Statement of the Problem

In most professions, the first years in a new position are fraught with uncertainties and problems. The need for supporting teachers and people in other professions was cited as far back as the Conant Report (1963). During the next twenty years, many attempts were make to put effective . . . .

Michael Useem's book, The Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triumph and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All is an insightful and engaging exploration of modern leadership. The book uses concrete examples ranging across a wide variety of situations to teach readers key concepts about how to perform under the myriad of stressful and challenging pressures presented by the business world. . . . .


The purpose of this discussion is to investigate the post-socialist economy of the Czech Republic. We will explore the macroeconomic experiences of the country over the past decade. We will also address questions such as political re-organization, trade liberalization, privatization, economic stabilization and economic growth. We will also discuss whether the post socialist . . . .

This paper addresses the ethics of business regarding computer technology. The writer focuses on the issue of email privacy and whether employers have the right to read and act on private email sent by employees from their workstations. The writer explores both sides of the issue and the laws that have pertained thus far. There were four sources used to complete this paper.


Roosevelt's New Deal


President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed "a new deal for the American people (Unknown, 1991)" in 1932 as he accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

This phrase has remained a symbol for Roosevelt's administration and its many accomplishments, as well as its failures.


Roosevelt's New Deal had many successes . . . .

Japan: Modern?

The word "modernize" is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as: to make modern in appearance, style or character; to accept or adopt modern ways, ideas or style. If we utilize this definition to explain modernization, we can assume that the term refers to the application of such an action in a particular instance. At any given point in time, "modern" pertains to . . . .

The New Deal, Great Depression, and World War II's Impact

The New Deal, the Great Depression, and World War II had an immense impact on American history and African Americans and women in particular. The New Deal was the largest, most concerted, most blatant spending venture by the federal government to date. It was unprecedented both in its scope and in its effect on working-class . . . .

American History

During the American Civil War, Walt Whitman wrote insightful pieces that captured the war from an angle that reflected an understanding of the daily effects of the reality of the war on everyone involved.

Whitman himself was effected by the war from almost the beginning when, after riding with a trainload of wounded men on the way to Washington, he decided to . . . .

Additional Information

The following are suggestions of certain angles that could be explored regarding the functions of the FED and the ESCB:

In light of the similarities between the FED and the ESCB, how much, if any, of the FED was used as a model for the ESCB, and why were those particular attributes of the FED chosen for emulation while others were discarded? What was the . . . .

The Internet Way: a Unifying Theory and Methodology for Corporate Systems Development

Dissertation Proposal


The face of business has changed drastically since the advent of the Internet. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are finding themselves with new marketing avenues. The Internet has led to the invention of a new comer to the business world as well, the e . . . .

Three short stories

Irony can serve many purposes as an author tells a story. It can make us laugh, or reveal truths that would otherwise be hard to express, or sharpen our focus on the absurdity of a situation. Three stories that use irony to tell horrific stories in compelling ways are "A Good Man is Hard to Find," by Flannery O'Connor, "The Curse," by Andre Dubus, and "An Occurrence . . . .

Change Management—A Case Study of British Telecom


About CRM

Theoretical Perspectives, Concepts and Practices Involved in Implementing a CRM

Change Management

About British Telecom

British Telecom—Implementing CRM

CRM Systems—Data Quality and systems Integration

British Telecom—A Case Study

BT's Solution

. . . .

Why did the Dot Com industry crash after the boom

Abstract: This is a paper examining some of the factors that caused the dot-com crash


Many believe the root cause of the dot-com crash was over valuation of stock prices relative to the actual underlying value of the companies themselves. Stocks of Internet companies traded at Price-Earning ratios of higher . . . .

The Congress of the United States has the power to lay and collect taxes pursuant only to Article 1, Section 8, clause 1 and Article 1, Section 9, clauses 4 and 5, and Article XVI of the United States Constitution. And, the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution limits the scope of federal powers. However, the federal government has devised a way to distribute federal funds to state . . . .

CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW: The Airline Industry easyJet

In this chapter, the author develops a framework for describing and analyzing the concept of an overall history of the airline industry as a distinct arena of contemporary commerce. After having established the background of the airline industry, the second part of this chapter provides background information on the relatively . . . .



Process automation has revolutionized the way that organizations do business and has led to the downsizing of many companies. There are a variety of technology products that are available through process automation which make business operations simpler and less expensive. The purpose of this paper is to discuss process automation and the impact that it . . . .

This paper presents a detailed examination of electronic signatures as is used for the purposes of e-commerce. The writer explores their use, their problems and some of the legislature for their use. The primary focus is on the differences and similarities in three states regarding electronic signatures. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

With the advent of the . . . .

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