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Barriers to Entrepreneurship Proposal - SME Growth in Transition and Their Future Opportunity


This work develops a propos*****l for *****vestigating the expected barriers ***** entrepreneurship in Small to Medium businesses experiencing transition. The work will first introduce the topic of business transition, either internal or external and briefly discuss the need ***** such research. It ***** then go on from this to develop a set of research objectives that will answer the overriding questions of barriers to growth ***** opp*****tunity during and following transition in SMEs. The work will then review pertinent literature that discusses the issues at hand, ***** a methodology for *****ing the question, discuss ***** ethics ***** ***** research, detail expected outcomes and finally discuss the implications of such a research study.

Barriers ***** Entrepreneurship Proposal:

SME Growth in Transition and *****ir Future Opportunity

***** is not ***** least bit uncommon to frequently hear the adage that the only certainty in life is change. This adage, with all its requisite psychological ideologies is also true of *****, in every form, as change *****ten dominates successful businesses and makes unsuccessful businesses show ********** true colors and fail. *****al business periods stress ***** players from the very top to ***** very bottom, without fail as all members of a ***** environment must learn and apply new tools to effectively communicate as well as develop success within a ***** ***** of st*****ards and practices. Frequently, within transitional periods there are common ***** unexpected barriers to growth and *****ment of the business. Regardless of the incoming nature of the business transition ***** create barriers that are both expected and unexpected and result in unforeseen change, even in the face of accepted change. This work will demonstrate through a rese*****rch design the nature ***** ***** management in bus*****ess, through the eyes of mangers and employees who have lived the transition period in an SME.

Ch*****ge can create communication ***** as individuals within ***** organization begin ***** redefine their accepted role in the bus*****ess and the business ********** and *****s its new goals and standards. Transitions can ***** social/emotional barriers that ***** created by uncertainty of new relationships and roles. Change can create unforeseen financial strain, associated with resource allocation and redistribution ***** production, as well as ***** redistribution of resources to communicating change and increasing *****force preparedness for change. Transition can alter employees' sense ***** empowerment, ***** for the better or f***** the worse both of which can create barriers to effective change management. Lastly, but likely most important transition frequently *****s unforeseen employee turnover, which strains every aspect of production and management. These broad concepts will be the basis of the research ***** and materials of this work. The research question that ***** drive this work will be; what do managers and employees who have ********** through major transitions feel are the most pressing barriers to growth and future opportunities?


***** objective ***** this work is ***** identify barriers that are ***** expected ***** *****, when SMEs go through


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