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Barriers to Entrepreneurship Proposal - SME Growth in Transition and Their Future Opportunity


This work develops a proposal for investigating the expected barriers ***** entrepreneurship in Small to Medium businesses experiencing transition. The work will first introduce the topic of business transition, either internal or external and briefly discuss the need for such research. It will then go on from this to develop a set of research objectives that will answer the overriding questi*****s of ***** to growth and opportunity during and following transition in SMEs. The work will ***** review pert*****ent literature that discusses the issues at hand, ***** a methodology for *****ing the question, discuss the ethics of such rese*****rch, detail expected outcomes and finally ***** the implications of such a rese*****rch study.

Barriers to Entrepreneurship Proposal:

SME Growth in Transition and *****ir Future Opportunity

***** is not ***** least bit uncommon to frequently hear the adage that the only certainty in life is change. This *****, with all its requisite psychological ideologies is also true ***** business, in every **********, as ***** often dominates successful businesses and makes unsuccessful ***** show ********** true colors and fail. Transitional business periods stress all players from the very top to the very bottom, without fail as all members of a business environment must learn and apply new tools to effectively communicate as well as develop success within a new ***** of standards and practices. Frequently, ***** transitional periods ********** are common ***** unexpected barriers to growth and development of the business. Regardless ***** the incoming nature of the ***** transition will create barriers that are both expected and ***** and result in unforeseen change, even in the face of accepted change. This work will demonstrate through a rese*****rch design ***** nature of change management in business, through the eyes of mangers and employees who have lived the transition period in an SME.

Ch*****ge can create communication barriers as individuals within ***** organization begin to redefine their accepted role in the business and the business redefines and communicates its ***** goals and st*****ards. Transitions can create social/emotional ***** that are created by un***** of new relationships and roles. Change can create ***** financial strain, associated with resource allocation and redistribution ***** production, as ***** as the redistribution of resources to communicating ***** and increasing workforce prep*****dness for change. Transition can alter employees' sense of empowerment, ***** for ***** better or f***** the worse both ***** which can create barriers to effective change management. Lastly, but likely most important transition frequently *****s unforeseen employee turnover, ***** *****s every aspect of production and management. These broad concepts will be the basis of the research ***** and materials ***** this work. The ***** question that ***** drive this work will be; what do managers and employees who have *****ed ***** major transitions feel are the most pressing barriers to growth and future opportunities?


The objective of this work is ***** identify barriers that are ***** ***** ***** unexpected, when SMEs go through


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