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beach erosion and the Eastern Seacoast

Paper Outline

The paper begins with the thesis statement relative to the topic to be discussed - the ***** of beaches on ***** eastern seacoast. The reader is introduced to the envir*****mental challenges of the modern society, ***** be then explained the meaning of ***** concept, the causes, and the effects of beach erosion. The following sections deal ***** beach erosion on ***** eastern seacoast, the actions that could be taken in order to resolve ***** problem (or at least limit its negative outcomes) and a f*****al part on concluding remarks.

***** Statement: Many ***** the *****es along ***** Eastern ***** are in danger of disappearing as a result of erosion

*****. Introduction

***** ***** m*****n seems m*****e and more focused on understanding, developing and integrating high technological advancements. The world is evolving at such a rapid pace th***** it ***** at times difficult to keep up with. The modificati*****s that have occurred at economic, political and ***** levels ***** next to countless. But wh***** seems forgotten in this process of rapid change is the environment. And the world that was once rich ***** all possible resources is now facing ***** risks of not being able ***** sustain life for the generations of the future.

***** ultimate challenge of ***** modern man is than the salvation of the planet, severely affected by climate change, ***** melting of the glaciers or the growing levels of pollution. A*****her stringent issue that has to be addressed is the erosion of the beaches. Within the United States, the process ***** been widely spread along ***** Eastern Seacoast, which faces the r*****ks of losing most of ***** beaches. In order to fully grasp the *****pic, it is necessary to first understand the process of beach erosion.

2. Beach Erosion

In the most simpl*****tic *****mulation, erosion represents a ***** by which ***** *****es ********** gradually destroyed ***** natural elements, such as the wind or ***** sea waves. Beach erosion is different from this definition as the main generator is humanity, rather than the *****. Beach erosion occurs when sand is being taken off the beach by either man or nature and it was first observed in the 1830 as the residential market on the beaches increased. The owners of homes near ********** and oceans observed that some of the beaches were disappearing, but by 1960, ***** the communists began to address the problems, much ***** ***** damage done was per*****ent (Drake, 2007).

Having defined the *****, it is now necessary ***** ***** its causes. The primary cause of beach erosion ***** the theft of sand. This is almost always the result of man made activities and it is often ***** in unconscious manners, as it not observed, nor illegal. A round figure of ***** total sands ***** h***** so far been removed from t*****e beaches totals to more ***** one billion cubic yards of sand. ***** ***** enough to fill a football filed of a height of ***** than 100


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