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Toni Morrison's novel Beloved can be thought of as a symbolic path toward allowing the memories of p*****t wrongs done to the population of Afri***** Americans slaves in the United States to become memories ra*****r than demanding daily tests to overcome. Morrison uses the rebirth of Beloved as the symbol for ***** rebirth of slavery as an economic ********** social state and the killing her as ***** letting go of the effect that past wrongs have on ***** present. Morrison is by no means saying ***** trauma of the ***** should be forgotten just that there must be some attempt to negate the effects that those past realities have on ***** present. Symbolically the idea can go even deeper as *****, even after she is *****ne leaves footprints in the backyard, "footprints come and go, ***** and *****" (275).

Sethe is the symbol for the whole slave parenting culture of *****can American's, the archetypal parent, while her children ********** the new generations of African American's, the children of freedom and Beloved represents the h*****tory of slavery returning to hurt them. It is clear that Morrison is trying to point out in her narrative some of the ways ***** which the African American people over the last few decades ***** allowed ***** anger and cultural memory of their ***** to remain in their future and effect it negatively. Slavery was a position of be*****g an animal and when Paul D acc***** Sethe of acting as an ***** with "two legs, *****t four" (273) he is speaking of letting go of the his*****ry of slavery.

Sethe had to keep the past at bay so she could live today, yet she never really ********** without the haunts of the people places and things that have happened to her, both literally and figuratively. "To Sethe, the future ***** a m*****tter of keeping the past at *****." (42) This shows her as ***** disturbed and universally fearful slave parent. Sethe believed ***** the p*****t of her ***** would haunt even her ***** as there was no real time, not linear time anyway, "But [**********] brain was not interested in the *****. Loaded with ***** past and hungry for more, it left her no room to imagine, let alone plan *****, the next day" (70)

When Sethe describes ***** relationship w*****h her mother inlaw, Baby Suggs, calming her when her mind was raging with the spirits of ***** past she describes Suggs telling her to stop practicing war, " She wished for Baby Suggs' fingers molding her nape, reshaping it, saying, "Lay em down, *****. Sword ***** shield, Down. Down. Both of em down. Down by the riverside. Sword and Shield. Don't study war no more. Lay all that mess down. Sword and shiled." And under the pressing fingers and the quiet instructive voice, she *****. Her heavy knives of defense against misery, regret, gall and hurt, she placed on by one on the bank w*****e ***** water rushed ***** below." (86) Sethe's ***** used


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