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Toni Morrison's novel Beloved can be thought of as a symbolic path toward allowing the memories of p*****t wrongs done to the population ***** African Americans slaves in the United States to become memories ra*****r than demanding daily tests to overcome. Morrison uses the rebirth of Beloved as the symbol for ***** rebirth of slavery as an economic and social state ***** the killing her as the letting go of ***** effect that past ***** have on the present. Morris***** is by no means saying that trauma of the ***** should be *****gotten just that t*****e must be some attempt to negate the effects ***** those past realities have on ***** *****. Symbolically the idea can go even deeper as *****, even after she ***** *****ne leaves footprints in the backyard, "footprints come and go, come and *****" (275).

Sethe is the symbol for the whole slave parenting culture of African American's, the archetypal parent, while her children ********** the new generations of ***** American's, the children of freedom ***** Beloved represents the h*****tory of slavery returning to hurt *****m. It is clear that Morrison is trying to point out in ***** narrative some ***** the ways ***** which the African American people over the last few decades ***** allowed ***** anger and cultural memory of their past to remain in their future ***** effect it negatively. Slavery was a position of be*****g an animal and when Paul D acc***** Sethe of acting as an animal with "two legs, not four" (273) he is speaking of letting go of the his*****ry of slavery.

Sethe had to keep the past at bay so she could live today, yet ***** never really lives *****out the haunts of the people places and things that have happened to her, both literally ***** figuratively. "To Sethe, the ***** ***** a matter ***** *****ing the ***** at *****." (42) This shows ***** as ***** disturbed and universally fearful slave parent. Sethe believed ***** the past of her people would haunt even her children as there was no real time, not linear ***** anyway, "But [Sethe's] brain was not interested in the future. Loaded with the past and hungry for more, it left her no room to imagine, let alone plan *****, ***** next day" (70)

When Sethe describes her relationship w*****h ***** mother inlaw, Baby Suggs, calming her when her mind was raging with the spirits of ***** past she describes Suggs telling her to stop practicing war, " She wished for ***** Suggs' fingers molding her nape, reshaping it, *****, "Lay em down, *****. Sword ***** shield, **********. Down. Both of ***** down. Down by the riverside. Sword and Shield. Don't study war no more. Lay all that mess down. Sword and shiled." And under ***** pressing fingers and the quiet instructive voice, she would. Her heavy knives of defense against misery, regret, gall and hurt, she placed on by one on ***** bank w*****e ***** water rushed ***** below." (86) ***** mind used


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