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Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize winning Beloved is at least two stories told at once. On the surface ***** the story of Se***** and the ghost ***** Beloved. Bene*****h the surface is the story of the African American experience ***** ***** legacy of slavery. Th***** ***** is the one told through symbolism. Although Beloved is full of symbolism, one of ***** most prevalent symbols, and the ***** recurrent, is that of the color red.

Red is a powerful color that has many meanings associated with it. In human color psychology, red is ***** with energy and blood. Fur*****r, red is also viewed to describe emotions ***** stir the blood, such as anger, passion ***** love. (Gagliardi). These emotions, along ***** blood, are major parts of ***** themes found in *****.

The book tells the story of Se***** and her daughter Denver, two African ********** who are trying to rebuild their lives after escaping from slavery. At one point a young lady by the name Beloved appears at the door ***** Se***** believes ***** one of the her daughters whom she murdered at ***** age of ***** in order to sp***** her a life of sl*****very. Beloved's return home takes over Sethe's life, e*****ecially as ***** demands become more and ***** demanding, to the ***** th***** she ignores Denver.

Although the s*****ry is about the impact ***** slaver and emancipation on individual African American's this plot line is carried further with several central themes. In general, these themes include motherhood, history, ***** manhood and how these all relate, and were affected by, slavery ***** emancipati*****.

Motherhood is used as a metaphor for love, which is an emotion symbolized by the color red. The lesson ***** that motherhood is a form of love th*****t can conquer all due to its *****bearing strength. Thus, Sethe, who in Biblical terms means "father ***** the world" is love and ***** personified. Sethe's unself*****h love is demonstrated ***** her escape from the plantation for her sole desire to keep ***** "mother of her children alive" and not for any personal reasons. Further, even the murder of Beloved, another emotion (blood) which is symbolized by blood, was d***** out ***** love. Ironically, Sethe's ***** ***** Beloved almost causes her own death, as Beloved comes seeking revenge for her *****.

***** ***** also the s*****ry of ***** American history, as Toni Morrison based ***** story on actual historical events, including the case of Margaret Garner who murdered her ***** to prevent them from being recaptured ***** taken back into slavery under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Also, ***** middle passage is alluded to, along with the Underground Railroad. All of these atrocities are associated with death and blood, which ***** the ***** of red.

Finally, the concept ***** ***** is anot***** ***** ********** in Beloved. Although Paul D is the only main male character in the novel, and *****d as "the k*****d of man ***** could walk in***** a house *****nd make ***** women cry," he *****


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