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Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics

Biodiversity and conservation have been difficult issues ***** the ecological field. This is not least so because of issues such as increasingly rapid species extinction ***** also the increasing human population and influence upon the natural environment. Nonetheless, ecologists are concerned about the conservation ***** biodiversity, as such ***** holds advantages not only for the future inheritance of the earth and its beauty, but also on a more practical and economic level. ***** is so because the diversity of ***** on ***** ***** consequences ***** the often fragile ecosystems we as ***** beings sh*****. Being aware of the importance of biodiversity ***** a step in ***** direction ***** saving the earth as ***** know it. One specific way in which to accomplish this is via large-scale reservations. These have also increased with ***** r*****ing awareness of the importance of conserving our ***** resources. When investigating the matter carefully, it becomes clear that such conservation has not only aes*****tic, but also practical merit. Indeed, the ***** of biodiversity may be the one thing that stands between human beings and their final and complete extinction.

*****, Holland & Brandon (2005:220) address the issue ***** conservation, biodiversity, and ***** ***** in which these have evolved to integrate ***** human activities and needs. The authors state that protected areas as recently ***** twenty-five years ago, were the responsibility of professionals such as ecologists and forestry officials, with little effect on ***** activities in the regions. They were also solely focused ***** protecting the diversity of fauna ***** flora in the area. The rising levels of poverty and hunger, particularly in develop*****g countries, have changed this.

Issues of social and political responsibility have inspired ecologists to ***** their efforts with those of philanthropists who aim to alleviate human suffering where it manifests ********** most seriously. As such, conservation of bio***** has taken an equal position with poverty and ***** alleviation. In addition to conserving biodiversity, protected areas are now ***** expected to contribute to national development and the reduction of *****. ***** this way, an attempt ***** been made to reintegrate hum***** ***** nature; two entities that ***** been at war of centuries.

Another issue addressed by Naughton-Treves, Holland ***** Bandon (226), relates to the specific ***** receiving priority when protection is implemented. ***** authors mention of example ***** tropical rain forests have receive disproportionate attention in terms of conservation awareness campaigns. The reason for this is the wide ***** that occurs ***** ***** *****ests. ***** authors however also emphasize that rain forests, while important, should not receive precedence to the detriment of biodiversity in other locations. The argument here is that a ***** focus on ra***** forests exclude other, ***** biologically rich areas, and in effect result in losses in these areas. Another problem is that the size of conservation parks is not sufficient to significantly prevent the ***** loss of biodiversity.

One solution for th***** problem might be to create large-scale ***** areas not only for conservation


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