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Bipolar disorder


***** paper is presenting arguments in favor of a di*****gnosis of bipolar ***** in the main character and narrator ***** ***** JD Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye. After considering, comparing and corroborating the symptoms indicated in medicine today ***** the story told by Holden Caulfield, the conclusion is that he is highly likely to have suffered of the illness, especially under the extraordinary circumstances ***** his younger brother's death, his parents', professors and peers unawareness of his medical problems and ***** own ability to hide for several years his aggravated state of mind.

Bipolar disorder

***** key symptom of bipolar disorder is the swing in moods that has to be observed ***** an adolescent over a period of a few years *****d in a much more severe way than it happens to be characteristic of pu*****rty. Holden Caulfield, the sixteen year old boy who is the narrator and the ma***** character in The Catcher in the Rye is clearly presenting severe swings in moods pass*****g from episodes ***** mania to ***** of depression rapidly and with no *****s of normal behavior between them.

He is telling the ***** that led to ***** current state of being an in-patient in a hospice. It starts with him being expelled for ***** fifth time out of high school. The setting is that of Pencey Prep, a private school in Agerstown, Pennsylvania.

Medicine today is still searching for answers related to the causes ***** treatment of this mental *****. Its comorbidity with other juvenile disorders makes it even harder ***** set a reliable diagnose and decide upon the correct *****. "Difficulties in diagnosing early, especially prepubertal on*****, bipolar disorder are not specific to the past half century. As early as 1931, Kasanin reported ***** nearly 25% of childhood-*****set cases were misdiagnosed" (Geller, DelBello, 2003). The time when Holden Caulfield is taken ***** a psychi*****trist for an evaluation is exactly in his prepubertal *****, following his auto-mutilation manifestations during the night his youngest bro*****r died of leukemia.

***** he is mentioning being ***** into a doctor's *****fice ***** ***** evaluated, he never d*****closes the conclusions of the medical examination and the results ***** any kind of treatment the doctors might have chosen ***** *****. The researches in the field ***** bipolar ***** in children and prepubertal stages were still in *****ir ********** fazes by the middle of the twentieth century.

Today, researchers are still conducting studies to help ***** understand ***** causes that lead to the onset of ***** illness. There are three main factors that ***** taken into consideration, like: biochemical factors, genes and environmental factors. Environmental factors, although may be a key factor, they are ***** necessarily established as the ***** cause, but ra*****r as contributors to the onset of an *****.

While telling his story, Holden Caulfield is repeatedly saying ***** people ********** do not pay attention to *****thing and he is specifically making reference to his own ***** and manifestations no adult around him seemed bright


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