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***** and Form in Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

***** by the mystery and suspense novelist ***** Sheldon is a n*****il-biting mystery thriller told from multiple perspectives of a cast of different characters, all with slightly shady pasts, ***** with a reason to want ***** young, beautiful, determined—but ***** na ve victim dead. At the beginning of the book, the soon-to-be victimized, twenty-four-year old Elizabeth Roffe ("tragically" born a girl, in her fa*****r's eyes) is left the heiress of a multibillion-dollar drug company, Roffe ***** Sons after her father's suspicious death (Sheldon 101).

***** she is at the helm of ***** company, four ***** her cousins are still co-owners of the company. All ***** them ***** to make money, quickly, so they pressure her to ***** the ***** public, but Elizabeth wants to retain control over the fortune and power she has just inherited, even if this may make the company's financial backers choke over *****ir morning coffee. After all, a woman ***** never stood at the helm of ***** and *****. Elizabeth will not bend to their pressure and instead relies upon the guidance of her trusted advisor Rhys Williams.

The ***** vying for ***** *****in ***** company ***** have ***** backgrounds, and all have good reasons for disliking Elizabeth, although some ***** them, such as Alec, were kind to Elizabeth when she was a younger child. As well *****s detailing the d*****ferent bru*****s with de*****h Elizabeth experiences before she is apparently murdered, the story includes flashbacks of the bizarre lives of the likely suspects. Th***** creates a sense of suspense, because ***** reader is never sure if he or s***** ***** identifying ***** a possible killer or psychop*****th, as the story unfolds. It is clear early on that ***** stakes are high ***** ********** life ***** in danger because of the power she assumes—***** from whom?

The reader alternately feels sympathy with and repulsion for all of the Roffe cousins, as his or her perspective moves from that of the British, womanizing *****, Parisian Helene and her husband Charles (who "married her for her name and her money") from Paris, ***** German Anna from Berlin who is married to a man thirteen years her junior, and Italian Ivo (Sheldon 70; 282). The author tries to make the occasionally confusing plot line, back story, and the many characters less so by titling the different chapters ***** location ***** when the events are taking place, like "Istanbul, Saturday, September 5th Ten p.m." (Sheldon 1). T***** also ***** a sense of excitement, as things seem to be evolving on a moment-by-moment b*****is at times, while at other times taking leisurely detours into the past. When there are more extended scenes these scenes seem to increase in weight and importance, ***** as the scene in which Eliza*****th learns that she h***** been left the majority ***** her father's stock in the company.

Although the ***** identifies with all of ***** characters, there is a cert********** distance as well, that creates a cool


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