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Building a Power Base

Case#40: The Luggers Versus the Butchers

This is a paper that concentrates on building a power base and answers questions proposed in a case study.


Food Merchand*****ing Corporation, based in northern New Jersey, is a comp*****ny that deals with a variety of prepackaged meats, along ***** beef that needs to be cut by butchers. This company is responsible for sending the finished product to various markets, especially in ***** Midwest.

***** company has two main types of employees, the butchers and the luggers.

Original Characteristic ***** the Jobs

***** luggers and butchers originally had certain characteristics of their jobs. The luggers were responsible for unloading and stocking the *****ef. ***** required lifting 200 pounds ***** beef all day and only those who were physically fit could perform this duty. When the work slowed down, *****y were assigned other tasks to *****.

***** had the job of sawing the beef ***** cutting it into a ***** of cuts of meats. They were ***** to stay on the line throughout the day and could not leave their generalized work area.

Change in Characteristics

The job characteristics changed approximately eight years ago, when the warehouse became uni*****ized. The employees with ***** most seniority ***** given the first choice of job position. ***** older men who ***** been with ***** company for years preferred the higher paying, less strenuous job of butcher. The remaining employees had no option o*****r than ***** become *****.

Status Levels

The status levels among the warehouse were determined ***** different fact*****s. The butcher's position was considered the much more desirable ***** six years *****. ***** butchers were paid a higher salary to st***** in one area and cut the meat.

Luggers, however, had the hard job of carry*****g over 200 pounds of meat from railroad cars to ***** loading dock. Also, while the ***** made e*****ugh to support their families, most ***** the luggers had to work second ***** at night.


There were some fac*****rs that influenced group cohesiveness between ***** and butchers. They each had their own jobs to perform and originally there was no competition between the two groups, leading to numerous friendships ***** the workers.

***** progressed and the luggers started ***** utilize a new portable rail system that enabled them to make tips by unloaded fr***** cars. They no longer had to carry the heavy loads and ***** able to make more than the butchers. This created disharmony among the two groups, that ***** originally been close. The ***** found if they worked together as a team, they could unload the freight ***** faster ***** thus make more money in *****. This quickly lead the luggers to became a cohesive group, ***** the butchers st*****rted ***** associate mainly among *****mselves, as they found their position was no longer the high *****, desirable job it once was.


The employees of the warehouse were at one time a ***** *****. When the union came in, the ***** characteristics changed and


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