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Bullying Proposal


The national phenomenon of bullying must be considered across individual, family, peer, school, and community contexts. Because bullying tends to perpetuate itself, formulating and implementing effective bullying prevention and intervention programs demands an underst*****ding of the environment that establishes and maintains it. Based on reports ***** bullying at Arthur County Schools in *****, Nebraska, an ethnographic research of this problem will ***** conducted to identify causes and possible interventions. The participants in the study are 11 seventh grade students, five girls and six boys, who were involved with ***** bully/victim dyad during the previous year. The instruments used were a ***** questionnaire to comp***** victimization and emotional status of the participants and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills ***** assess academic performance. A syn*****sis of the results of the interviews and statistical ***** of ***** Iowa Tests ***** be made to ***** any relationship ********** bullying/ victimization and academic performance.

***** statement and ***** questions

Problem background

Definition of the problem

Proposed solution

Educational significance

Research questions

Literature Review

Statement of hypothesis ***** rationale


Data analysis

Description ***** media and materials

***** timeline

*****: Identifying ***** *****dministering Effective Bullying Interventions Programs

Problem statement and research *****

Problem *****

To date, just one large-scale study on bullying in the United States has been *****; in this ***** by Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, & Scheidt (2001), 15,686 6th-through 10th-grade ***** were requested to complete surveys on *****. Of these respondents, 29.9 percent reported moderate to frequent involvement in bullying when they ***** assessed in 1998. Of this 29.9 percent reporting bullying instances, 13 ***** identified themselves as the bullies involved, 10.6 percent self-***** ***** victims, ***** 6.3 percent self-identified as bully-victims. These researchers determined that ***** behaviors typically *****ok place more often in middle ***** than ***** high school, and boys were ***** likely than girls to be involved in bullying (Nansel et al., 2001). Further, the bully-victims identified in this study exhibited ***** most pervasive negative psychosocial outcomes and there were no differences in bully*****g ***** urban, suburban, and rural areas (Nansel et al., 2001). These same trends are evident even in small schools such as Arthur County Schools where bullying situations have become ***** over the past several months within the ***** grade class. Two students, one male and one female have reported incidents of being bullied. The bullying thus far has ***** *****ly verbal with taunting, teasing and some exclusion but "accidental" bumping and kicking under ***** table have also been reported.

Definition ***** the *****

The ***** performance of one male victim in particular has dropped one ***** equivalent. His teachers are report*****g ***** he has ***** distracted ***** does *****t complete his work on time. He will often make remarks that are not pertinent to t***** discussi***** and has chosen *****o move to a se*****t in the back of the classroom away from the other students. In look*****g through ***** K through 6 records it appears that ***** student has done above


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