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ABSTRACT: Bullying is not a l*****ughing matter. Many teenagers take their own lives yearly because of bullying. If ***** does not stop with the teacher, then the ***** should be taken to ***** principal. If necessary, the problem should be ***** to ***** superintendent or school board.



Several girls surrounded Jeannie's daughter as they called out, "You're a little cry baby! Don't you know you are stupid! Don't even think about hanging out ***** us. ***** too ugly f***** us."

Hearing these words made Jeannie angry ***** she watched her daughter, Faith, run to the car. Tears *****reely flowing down her cheeks, she urged, "Hurry, Mom, let's get ***** of *****e. I can't take it anymore!"

The National School Safety Center calls bullying, "the most enduring and underrated problem in American schools." Discussing ***** is important ***** ***** may have a lifetime effect on victims.

As a young person I have seen the *****s of victims including th***** story ***** ***** ***** Faith.

The look in Faith's eyes revealed ***** pain and hurt she was suffering. What had Faith done to be mistreated? Why were these kids calling her names? Jeannie could clearly remember being teased at school, but never like this. Anger began ***** build as the mot***** thought ***** wh***** these students ***** doing to her *****. Bullying is not a laughing matter!

Bullying is not a laughing matter, definition, and the steps that were taken to pr*****t bullying.

Bullying hurt ***** and angered *****. Both parents ***** children can be hurt e*****ionally from *****.

The ***** that Jeannie *****k at ***** school to stop bullying.

Faith's suicide **********.

Counseling ***** needed to heal the emotional wounds of ***** and Faith.


Faith had to ***** placed in ano*****r school ***** recover from the verbal bullying. This school practiced a zero tolerance policy for bullying. The school superintendent met with Faith and Jeannie. He stated, "No one deserves to be bullied. Every child has a right to be s*****fe at school. *****, if some***** bullies you, tell the teacher. ***** that doesn't work, tell the principal. If you find it necessary ***** come see me, I guarantee ***** problem will end." Faith is now an A+ student and she is working at Sonic. Both ***** and Faith believe ***** ***** ***** be stopped and is a national ***** in the United States. A problem that ***** often overlook until it grows *****to a serious one.

Don't let the death of your child be the wakening call of how serious bullying is. Approximately two ***** will kill themselves each year due to bullying. Don't ***** it be ***** child!

***** is not a laughing matter. Listen ***** your child when *****/he talks about bullying at her/his school. Do so*****hing about ***** and prevent a child ***** committing suicide.

***** is the Story ***** c*****n be changed to fit the above


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