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*****: Bullying is not a laughing matter. Many teenagers take their own lives yearly because of bullying. If ***** does not stop with the teacher, then the matter should be taken to ***** principal. If necessary, the problem ***** be taken to ***** superintendent or school board.



Several girls surrounded Jeannie's daughter as they called out, "You're a little cry baby! Don't you know you are stupid! Don't even think about hanging out ***** us. ***** too ugly for us."

***** these words made Jeannie angry as she watched her daughter, Faith, run to the car. Tears freely flowing down her cheeks, she urged, "Hurry, Mom, let's get ***** of here. I can't take it anymore!"

The National School Safety Center calls bullying, "***** most enduring and underrated problem in American schools." D*****cussing bullying is important because ***** may have a lifetime effect on victims.

As a *****ng person I have seen the effects of victims including th***** story ***** Jeannie ***** Faith.

The look in ********** eyes revealed the pain and hurt ***** w***** suffering. What had Faith done to be mistreated? Why ********** these kids calling her names? ***** could clearly remember being teased at school, but never like this. Anger began ***** build as the mot***** thought ***** wh***** these students were doing to her daughter. Bullying is not a laughing matter!

Bullying ***** not a laughing *****, definition, and the steps that ***** ***** ***** prevent bullying.

Bullying hurt Faith and angered Jeannie. Both parents and children can be ***** emotionally from *****.

The ***** that Jeannie *****k at Faith's school to stop bullying.

Faith's suicide attempt.

Counseling was needed to heal the emotional wounds of ***** and Faith.


***** had ***** be placed in another school to recover from the verbal bullying. This school practiced a zero tolerance policy ***** bullying. The school superintendent met with Faith and Jeannie. He stated, "No one deserves to be bullied. Every child has a right ***** be safe at *****. Faith, if someone bullies you, tell the *****. ***** that doesn't work, tell the principal. If you find it necessary to come see me, I guarantee the problem will end." Faith is now an A+ student *****d she is ********** at Sonic. Both Jeannie and Faith believe that bullying should be stopped and is a national ***** in the United States. A problem ***** ***** often overlook until it grows *****to a serious one.

Don't let the death of your ***** be the wakening call of how serious bullying is. *****pproximately two ***** will kill themselves each year due to bullying. Don't ***** it ***** your child!

***** ***** not a laughing matter. Listen ***** your child when *****/he talks about bullying at her/his school. Do something about it and prevent a child ***** committing suicide.

This is the Story *****nd can be changed to fit the above


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