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A Career in Civil Engineering

To me, no career could be more interesting than one that lets me serve larger society by pursuing my passion for the design of objects on a l*****rge scale. It is th***** attraction to the inner workings of complex everyday ***** like busy roadways and towering skyscrapers ***** draws me to civil engineering as a c*****reer. The importance of civil engineering to society will also allow me to serve ***** greater good. On a ***** practical **********, the strong continuing job prospects and financial rewards ***** civil ***** are excellent, furthering my desire to choose a c*****er among the ***** of amazingly intricate objects like airports, sewage systems, roads, ***** airports.

First, it is ***** importance ***** ***** engineering to ***** that makes civil engineering an intriguing career choice for *****. ***** engineers are responsible for the design and supervision of tunnels, dams, bridges, airports, ***** systems, roads, ***** ***** would never have been built. Without the civil engineer, we would not be able to drive ***** work on a well-designed freeway, enjoy efficient sewage *****, or even w*****k in the high-rises that grace most cities worldwide.

Because civil *****ing is *****e ***** the ***** important careers in modern society, it appeals strongly to my desire to contribute ***** larger society. As a civil engineer, I would h*****ve the opportunity to design buildings that keep *****ir inhabitants comfortable and safe, or to build roadways that are efficient and structurally sound. I am strongly drawn to the idea of *****ing one of the forces ***** for ensuring our day-*****-day lives are efficient and productive. *****e ***** the greatest accompl*****hments ***** ***** can imagine would be to see the efforts of my job enjoyed ***** thousands ***** people on a daily basis.

***** sec*****d important draw of a civil engineering career is ***** practical financial and ***** aspects of the *****. The U.S. Department ***** Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the median annual wage for civil engineers in 2002 was $60,000. Although prospects for employment in civil engineering will increase more slowly than average, a growing infr*****structure in ***** United States and worldwide will ensure that civil engineers remain in demand. Notes the U.S. Department of *****, Bureau of Labor Statistics, "more civil engineers will be needed ***** design and construct safe and higher capacity transportation, water supply, ***** pollution control systems, and large ***** ***** ********** *****es. They also ***** be ***** to repair or replace existing roads, bridges, and o*****r public structures." Altogether, the job outlook for ***** engineers is good, and the wages are enough to ensure a very comfortable standard ***** living.

The third reason that I am draw to civil engineering is an attraction to ***** work itself. ***** love to think about the ***** and use of physical objects on a large *****. Large-scale projects ***** bridges, roadways, ***** airports bring out a feeling of awe and respect within me. I love to look at ***** world from a


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