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Career Counseling

What is the best way for middle and high school students to determine their career direction once they graduate? Over the years, it has become clearly noted that just as all students can benefit from rigorous academic study, they can also gain from more knowledge about career options and the skills and training required for different jobs. As noted by educa*****rs such ***** Engels ***** Harr***** (1999, p.70), "Today ***** world requires, and educators need to find, ways ***** meet the career readiness and career development needs of all students, ***** this goal needs to be integrated into the mission of all education." Adds Gysbers (1997, p.414), "the new knowledge economy is changing ***** way people work. The very notion of 'job' is shifting dramatically as workers incre*****ingly seek meaning, purpose, and fulfillment from their work roles. With growing frequency, career is viewed as something every human ***** for a lifetime." As a result, a new mindset ***** required to assist ***** make informed career choices and obtain necessary employment skills. Based on peer reviewed journal articles, ***** report will provide thoughts by some of the leading and experienced career counselors on the his*****ry, present state ***** future of this field in the schools. They ***** present their c*****structive criticisms and support, as well as the *****s they believe ***** country should take as it moves further into the era of *****. *****all, ***** see the need for ***** counselors more than ever be*****e and personally wish ***** it continues to be recognized ***** an important school element by parents, students, educators and funding sources such as ***** government.

In recent *****, educator E.L. Herr (1995,1996, *****) has emp*****ized that the schools in the United States have developed "inconsistent educational and workforce ***** policies." He argues that the failure of career development services to become an integral piece of each school's educational ***** *****s in large part ***** fed*****l ***** *****d initiatives that, in reality, are not interrelated to current national ***** reform movements. He feels that it is not surprising that, given this scenario, many school ***** and administrators have demonstrated a lack of familiar*****y with and commitment to national ***** preparation policies (Bloch, 1996).

The initiative "The School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994" (STWOA) was developed to fill this need by providing state funding to create local partnerships with the goal of meeting the students' transition-to-c*****er *****. Ideally, these school-to-work partnerships would forge lasting relations among the impacted ***** ***** as parents, community leaders, business ***** ***** unions ***** ***** as the ***** to create ongoing career opportunity systems tailored to the unique needs of considerably diverse local communities.

In the article "Toward a ***** career program evaluation framework," Lapan and Kosciulek (2003) cite ***** example ***** the STWOA impact on eighth-grade students who went to a local bank ***** part of the career development *****nership:

***** those ***** went into ***** ***** and were treated so professionally and so adult, I saw in ********** an attitude


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