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Career Paper: Critical Care Nursing


This paper looks at the reasons th***** the writer has chosen to work in critical care nursing and the importance that it has on the writer's life. The rati*****ale for choosing this career is discussed along with these *****. Following *****, the background of the career is dealt with as the necessary preparation, the typical pr*****essional responsibilities, and ***** personality traits that are best suited for this kind of ***** are important not only to a better underst*****ing of the c*****reer and ***** writer, but also to those that might be considering this type of career for themselves in the future.

***** is a specific process th*****t will be used by the ***** to move in***** this career and ensure that it is a lifelong occupation, and this process is briefly d*****cussed before moving on to a conclusion and summary of the main points in ***** paper ***** provide a reminder for ***** th*****t read the document ***** to what are ***** most ***** issues to look at and be aware of when ***** comes ***** ***** particular ***** choice.

Career Paper: Critical Care Nursing


Why someone chooses a p*****rticular career p*****h has much to do with the personality that the individual ***** and what type ***** work appeals to that person. This is very important in many different types of jobs, as some people are just not 'cut out' to work in a particular field, and some do not have ***** desire to perform the functions of a ***** job. ***** is very apparent ***** nursing, as it takes a certain kind of person to do the work of caring for others and deal with the lack of recognition and lack ***** high pay that many nurses must face. For those that work in critical care, witness*****g ***** deaths and dying of others are ***** a p*****rt ***** the ***** ***** the individual ***** chooses th***** occupation must be able to accept this issue and have empathy for ***** patient and the patient's family without becoming so emotionally attached that he or she is unable to do ***** job competently and c*****rectly.

Reasons Behind My Choice

My nursing ***** began in the critical ***** *****a, and since then I ***** never looked back. My background in critical care has been very helpful to me in more ways than I am able to count as I have moved through the various ph*****es of my career. I originally chose critical care for ***** of the s*****e reasons that today's ***** students are drawn to it: ***** the challenge, excitement, ***** rush of adrenaline ***** *****ten comes with working in the ICU environment. I enjoyed ***** chance to constantly learn new things, work with complex and important equipment, and keep up with all of the latest ***** best technology in the field of medicine. Much of th***** technology developed rapidly and it was a pleasure ra*****r ***** a chore to learn how to use it


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