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The Case for Informational Text

In the article The Case for Informational Text by Nell K. Duke, the author implores ***** reader to see informational text at the earliest stages of childhood education to stress informational text in conjunction with areas of curiosity and *****terest for students. Advocating a series of learning strategies that includes increasing the students' access to in*****mation text, planning class time to allow students ***** spend more time working with informational ***** in instructional activities, explicitly and as the author suggest, p*****sionately teaching comprehension strategies, and creating opportunities for ***** to use informational text for authentic purposes anchor the main points of the *****. In addition, the author makes the point that for informational text to be truly relevant ***** absorbed ***** ***** level a student is capable of comprehending at their specific skill *****, the information text books and sources need to pique their curiosity ***** interest. This is common sense yet for many *****s the exposure to ***** text is purely in response to teachers' specific requirements ***** reading. The author's implicit message ***** that it is a far better teaching practice ***** deliver informational text that is aligned ***** the specific *****s of students. In the latter parts of the article, the author applies these lessons learned to older readers struggling to increase their reading *****.

***** *****'s passion for teaching comes through in this *****, and *****s suggestions for making informational ***** become more alive and relevant to readers is inspirational. My additional reactions ***** the article ***** that is shocking that 1rst graders only ***** on average 3.6 minutes per day interacting with informational text. The strategies mentioning for teaching comprehension are excellent, as are the directional approaches to making informational text a critic*****l part ***** a students' le*****rning style. What ***** also very refreshing is that the author does not abdicate the responsibility for this activity to parents yet challenges teachers to ***** their commitment to ***** text ***** *****


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