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Characteristics of a Competent Teacher

***** Elements of a Truly ***** Teacher

To be an educator is one ***** the greatest gifts within ***** professional world. The ability to help mold and foster the genius of o*****rs is an honorable feat. However, today's society has seen a degradation ***** the quality of teachers. In order to *****tter h***** ***** craft ***** teaching, particular elements of teacher competency need to be explored ***** examined in both a theoretical and real life environment. Three elements ***** particular st***** out to define a truly competent *****; under**********nding of the student, adjustment of curriculum ***** fit that understanding of the student, and finally a open *****nd strong line of communication *****tween teachers and parents to ***** promote learning at home.

In order to honestly assure the competency of any teacher, there are several aspects which that ***** should embody in both their style ***** teach*****g and knowledge of material. One ***** these elements includes the important ***** for a teacher to be able to properly assess ***** adjust to ***** the best suited needs of ***** students. According to the American Federation of Teachers, "Assessment ***** defined as the process of obtaining in*****mation that is used to make educational decisions about students, to give feedback to the student about his or her progress, strengths, and weaknesses," (American Federation of Teac*****'s 1990). T***** ability to understand the needs of the ********** proves an ***** fac*****r in de*****ating ***** teachers from those less apt to perform well within a classroom context. Underst*****ding one's students goes far beyond surface level, and the more in-depth ***** ***** a student ***** teacher has, the more efficient that teacher can be ***** the learning experience. ***** should have an idea of their student's cultural backgrounds, skill levels, interests, and motivations before fully commencing into ***** material (American ***** of ********** 1990). This will help the teacher best present material to students in a meaningful way. Once true instruction begins, this exploration of the minds ***** students should then develop ***** a "moni*****ring [of] pupil progress toward instructional goals; identifying gains and difficulties pupils ***** experiencing in learn*****g and *****ing," (American Federation of Teachers 1990). Thorough underst*****ing and accommodation of student's needs and ***** can ***** the difference between an attentive, ***** therefore actively learning student, and a student who proves to show little interest in the material. Thus, this knowledge of each personality within one's ***** proves to be a m*****jor element of a competent t*****er.

Once this thorough underst*****ing is achieved on behalf of ***** teacher, a more ********** moni*****ring and implementation of specified strategies can begin in ***** to most efficiently expose the ***** to the curriculum. Understanding a student can break through into tailored lesson plans and modifications. It can also lead to better ***** on ***** ***** ***** teacher ***** ***** improve student learning. Intervention ***** normal curriculum can be understood as "giving contingent, specific, and credible praise ***** feedback; motivating students to learn; and judging


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