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Child Psychology

Music and Brain Development

The link is recognized by Georgia Head Start program

Recently, the ***** Head start organization began distributing CD's with classical music on them to every newborn child's mother as part of a program designed to aid in the early childhood development of children's intelligence. Some applaud Governor Zell Miller's push to establish this program as a step in ***** directi***** of improv*****g the health ***** well being of a future generation. Others, citing disagreements with the research behind the program, doubt as to whether this ***** is beneficial to children, or just a bureaucratic waste of time. This paper will research the date ***** the initiative, attempt to evaluate the desires of those who support and oppose ***** initiative, and then consider changes in the policy which may further ***** the mental and social development of ***** *****.

Proponents say:

Governor ***** Miller was instrumental in establishing Georgia's *****. Influenced by that proposed a connection between listening ***** ***** music *****nd increased mathematics and spatial reasoning ability, the governor asked for $105,000 to produce ***** distribute a classical music to parents ***** newborns. Gov. Miller's initiative is one of the best-known examples of how ***** translate research into public policy. Specifically, ***** research ***** suggests

Four years prior, the Carnegie Foundation released a 1994 paper called "Starting Points: Meeting the Needs of Our Youngest Children." (

The document warned that the United States ***** facing a "quiet crisis" due to inadequate child care and the high cost of *****ren's ***** care, and drew upon five key neuroscience findings ***** make its recommendations:

the brain's development ***** the prenatal period and the first year ***** life was more extensive than previously thought;

brain development is more susceptible to early environmental influences than ***** thought;

***** environmental influences on the brain are long-lasting;

early environmental influences affect the way that the brain is "hard-wired"; ***** early stress has been proven to have a negative impact on ***** functi*****. (

At the national level, the milest***** for zero-to-three advocates ***** ***** White House Conference on Early ***** and Learning on April 17, 1997.The conference invited scientists, child development experts, and others to discuss the latest neuroscience ***** in children's brain development. President Cl*****n was inspired enough by the research to include a ***** plug in the same years "State of the Union" address.

Learning begins in the ***** days of life. Scientists ***** now discovering how young children develop emotionally and intellectually from *****ir very first days, and how important it is ***** parents to begin immediately talking, singing, even reading ***** their infants... We already know we should ***** teaching children before they start school." President Clinton

During the same period, another organization called The Music Intelligence Neural Development (M.I.N.D. ®) Institute was established by the team of scientists. They performed ground breaking research specifically utilizing music as a window into *****er brain *****on. At the core ***** this research, ***** formulated a structured model *****


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