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As on *****ly child, I received more emotional care than most of my friends with siblings. My parents created for me a safe environment from where I could view the outside world with optimism. They also tended to spoil me, but none*****less my boundaries were usually clear. Mom and dad were my king and queen: it see*****d they would ********** watch over me and protect me.

My ***** first showed signs ***** separating when I was about nine or ten years old. I remember suddenly finding *****self mediating between them ***** they fought; my immature senses believed I ***** always a culprit. I can't even ***** genuine turbulence in ***** househ***** before then. All other fights seemed trivial ***** short-lived, but not these. I started acting rude and obnoxious to get their at*****tion, which had previously been lathered on me.

The teenage years can be wrought with psychological trauma; a combin*****tion of peer ***** parental pressures weigh on the developing young pers*****. I was no exception and experienced the difficulties ***** adolescence as soon as my parents first ***** signs of separation. I re*****mber talking to ***** best friend in the mall one afternoon. She told me her parents were gett*****g divorced. At the time I thought little of it, for several of my o*****r friends' parents had already been ***** for years. But ***** some reason ***** made a confession: my p*****rents had been fighting a lot, and ***** ***** my biggest fear. If they got divorced, I wouldn't know whom to live with. If they got divorced, it would have been because I've been talking back too much, because I'm rude and belligerent. Basically, I feared that my world would be shattered.

My early childhood was full of play, joy, ***** fun. As an only child, I ***** m*****y friends, surrogate sisters and ***** who would fill my hours w*****h delightful games but ********** I never had to compete with for affection, attention, or *****ys. I loved ***** position as the princess ***** the family: ***** had free reign; I had my own room. When I ***** punished, it didn't last very long. ***** ***** sent to ***** *****, ***** was filled ***** my favorite things. I didn't mind spending hours in *****re alone, playing pretend games with ***** dolls or making up strange new worlds. When I got together ***** my ***** *****, we ***** catch lizards in the ***** yard and created a reptilian village with toothpick-and-tinfoil beds. ***** came home to ***** solace of my room, to ***** retreat and my safety. ***** my parents got a divorce, this safety would be shattered. A ********** different dynamic ***** ensue and it was unknown and frightening. If I lived with only my mom, who would scold me when ***** did wrong? My mom always left that part up to ***** dad, ***** was the best disciplinarian I knew. While I hated being ***** at ***** time, subconsciously I knew th***** he did so ***** a heavy


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