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Childhood Obesity


***** of the most significant health problems seen in ***** United States is obesity. With***** this dynamic there are particular issues of special concern for the health c***** industry and society in general, most notably the exponential increase in obesity found among children. (Strauss, Pollack, 2001, pgs. 2845-2848) and (Troiano, Flegel, 1998, *****. 497-504) "Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past 20 years, and it represents the most prevalent nutr*****ional disease among youth ***** the ***** States." (Lowry, Wechsler, Galuska, Fulton, & Kann, 2002, pg. 1)

Though there are many other problems faced by the ***** of America today the press on violence and relatively rare though increasing incidences ***** it far outweighs the ***** on the issue of childhood obesity, a much more widespread and deadly problem. ***** is discussed through ***** overzealous and unrealistic body images ***** adults ***** young adults, as represented by the racially biased television and ***** media or through crazed ***** frenetic diet options offered as if doctrine to countless seekers of unrealistic goals. What ***** and ***** alike learn from these views is decreased self-esteem and possibly after enough tries at ***** dieting, learned helplessness. (Davison & Birch, 2001, *****. 159)

***** his*****rically defining ***** among children has been a challenge, using growth charts and mean body fat density ratios ***** been a tool. For this work the definition will be governed by a ***** percent*****ge rule. "A weight that exceeds ideal body weight by 20% defines childhood obesity. More ***** one fourth of children in ***** United ***** are considered cl*****ically obese." (Sothern, Hunter, Suskind, Brown, Udall, Blecker, 1999, pg. 577) Factors associated with risk ***** obesity are many, among them, dietary intake, level ***** sedentary behavior vs. high physical activity, self-esteem, socioeconomic status, gender, insurance status and last but certainly not least race and ethnicity.

***** study ***** focus on the problems and soluti*****s as they associate to issue of obesity in children with specific emphasis on the grow*****g Hispanic ethnic minority population. ***** increased risk based solely on the isolated issue ***** ethnicity and the growth rate of this ethnic minority, (mostly Latinos of Mexican decent) e*****ly in California race must be considered as one of ***** most important of all factors associated with risk for obesity and ***** its health consequences. One cultural aspect, being the overall acceptance or the perception by certain cultures of overweight as *****y. (Maynard, Galuska, Blanck, Serdula, *****03, pgs 1-17)

Though race can certainly not be altered, factors especially signifi*****t to racial minorities must be addressed carefully and solutions must include interventions that are navigable for those at greatest risk. Be it physical or environmental the challenges faced by Latino American youth are ***** but ***** is clearly more *****, dangerous and ***** than gang *****. "O*****sity is the most ***** and severe nutritional problem of children in ***** ***** States, with prevalence *****s ***** vary greatly by ethnic group. Rates are generally highest for Hispanic...*****." (Crawd*****d, S*****ry, Wang,


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