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Childhood Obesity


***** of the most significant health problems seen in the United States is obesity. With***** this dynamic there are particular issues of special concern for the health c***** industry and society in general, most notably the exponential increase in obesity found among children. (Strauss, Pollack, 2001, pgs. 2845-2848) and (Troiano, Flegel, 1998, pgs. 497-504) "Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past 20 years, ***** it represents the most prevalent nutritional disease among youth ***** ***** United States." (Lowry, Wechsler, Galuska, Fulton, & Kann, 2002, pg. 1)

Though there are many other problems faced by the youth of America today ***** press on violence and relatively rare though increasing incidences of it far outweighs the ***** on the issue of childhood obesity, a much more widespread and deadly problem. ***** is discussed through ***** overzealous and unrealistic body images ***** adults ***** young adults, as represented by the racially biased television and other media or through crazed ***** frenetic diet options offered as if doctrine to countless seekers of unrealistic goals. What ***** and adults alike learn from these views is decreased self-esteem and possibly after enough tries at ***** *****ing, learned helplessness. (Davison & Birch, 2001, *****. 159)

***** his*****rically defining ***** among children ***** been a ch*****llenge, using growth charts ***** mean body fat density ratios has been a tool. For this work the definition will be governed by a general percentage rule. "A weight that exceeds ideal body weight by 20% defines childhood obesity. More ***** one fourth of children in ***** United ***** are considered clinically obese." (Sothern, Hunter, Suskind, Brown, Udall, Blecker, 1999, pg. 577) Factors associated with risk for obesity ***** many, among them, dietary intake, level of sedentary behavior vs. high physical activity, self-esteem, socioeconomic status, gender, insurance status and last but certainly not least race and ethnicity.

This study ***** focus on the problems and soluti*****s as they associate to issue ***** obesity in children with spec*****ic emphasis on the grow*****g Hispanic ethnic minority population. ***** increased ***** based solely on ***** isolated issue of ethnicity and the growth rate of this ethnic minority, (mostly Latinos of Mexican decent) e*****ly in California race must be considered as ***** of ***** most important of all fac*****rs ***** ***** risk for obesity and ***** its ***** consequences. One cultural aspect, being the overall acceptance or ***** perception by certain cultures of overweight as healthy. (Maynard, Galuska, Blanck, Serdula, *****03, pgs 1-17)

***** race can certainly not be altered, factors especially signifi*****t to racial minorities must be addressed carefully and solutions must include interventions that are navigable for those at greatest risk. Be it physical or environmental the challenges ***** by Latino *****merican youth are many but o*****sity is clearly more prevalent, dangerous and deadly than gang *****. "Obesity is the most widespread and severe nutritional problem of children in ***** ***** States, with prevalence *****s ***** vary greatly ***** ethnic group. Rates are generally *****est for Hispanic...children." (Crawdford, S*****ry, Wang,


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