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The objective of this work is to compare the natural d*****asters of New Orleans and South Africa in terns ***** survival statistics and in relation to children of natural disasters in terms of symptomology, interventions and resources in rebuilding the urban places after disaster. Lessons have been learned by both ***** Africa and New Orleans humanitarian aid work efforts ***** in terms of what could have been perceived both in mitigation of disaster and all ***** superstorms to come on for these and other areas throughout the world. There is however, a silver l*****ing in the clouds behind ***** devastation and disaster of the s*****rms in that awareness now exists about what can be done proactively to prepare for and reduce the potentialities of these natural disaster.


This ***** exam*****es both South ***** ***** ***** Orleans from the aspect ***** a critic*****l analysis of what might have been done to mitigate some of the damage inflicted by the ***** ***** in these two *****stances and further to envision ***** might be ***** in retrospect to strengthen the response of ***** efforts in ********** ***** occurrences of a n*****tural disaster.


The work entitled: "The Role of Institutions in Reducing Vulnerability ***** Recurrent Natural Disasters in sustainable livelihoods development: Case Study South South-Africa" relates the incidence in March 2003 when: "...a powerful weather system swept across the South Western Cape triggering widespread loss, ***** ***** human hardship. " (Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation ***** the Provincial Government of the Western *****. & United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ***** the Provincial Development Council ***** the Western Cape, 2005) The study of the Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation of he Provincial Government of the Western Cape, along with the ***** Development Councils and the United Nations Food and Agricultural organization in a research partnership that recorded flood levels ***** the incidence and in a multidiscipl*****ary method in the team formed to address this research area. The research was inclusive of involvement of specialists in climate *****, ***** hydrology, land-use, social risk assessment, ***** management and disaster impact *****..." (Department of Social Services ***** ***** Alleviation of the Provincial Government of ***** ***** Cape. & United Nations ***** and Agriculture ***** and the Provincial ***** Council of the Western Cape, *****) An extensive report is said to have been written concerning disease management ***** disaster ***** analysis. The focus of the ***** states an intent ***** illustrating "the interrelationships between the physical *****s of the hazard process, patterns ***** social vulnerability *****d the role of intervening institutional mechanisms to mediate the impact of extreme weather events." (***** of ***** Services and Poverty ***** ***** the ***** ***** of the Western Cape. & ***** Nations Food and ***** Organization ***** the Provincial Development Council ***** ***** Western Cape, 2005) It is reported in the work of the


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