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On virtually every college campus across the country, students are greeted with the familiar sight of individuals seated at folding tables, with the purpose of marketing credit cards to them. These salespeople are most frequently seen during the beginning of the college semester and are usually young and attractive and smiling, barely older than the students themselves. Quite often, if a . . . .

Company Profile: Greyhound

Executive Summary


Problem Definition

Corporate Culture Problematic

Goals of the Business Unclear

Lack of Competitive Advantage

Integration of Businesses Ineffective

Responsive not Proactive Approach


Conduct Comprehensive Analysis on the Organization

Continue With . . . .

Long-Term Productivity in Business Workers and Machinery


Productivity is important to every kind of business. This does not mean that every possible bit of work has to be squeezed out of every single worker until they drop into an exhausted heap on the assembly line. Indeed, this would certainly not be productive because having to replace on a continual basis workers . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss and analyze the history, benefits, costs, and challenges of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the euro. Included is a critical assessment of the sources used.


All of the sources used for this report were well written, concise, and . . . .

PC's, Central-System Computing, and Government Functionality

In this article, the authors use correlational methods to prove their point of view. The way that this is accomplished is through a survey. They used percentages comparing two sets of subjects as well as a statistical analysis based on Cramer V scoring. The importance of the correlation was based upon whether or not the values . . . .

Importance of Management Control


Doing business is simply mathematics by other means - all a question of keeping equations in balance on both sides. Labor must be balanced with capital. Resources with allocation. Customers with services or goods. Workers with rewards.

The only way that such balances can be instituted and maintained is through a system of . . . .

Pyrrhus (319-272 B.C.)

Character Sketch

Pyrrhus was a celebrated general who possessed great personal valor and strength. He took personal part in his battles and was admired for his fighting skills by his own troops and enemies alike. His military acumen was comparable to that of Alexander the Great and his innovative tactics in battle (e.g. the use of elephants) were copied by . . . .



In the following paper the researcher will analyze the reasons why companies feel CEOs are justified to have inflated salaries. The researcher will first outline the issue of executive inflated salaries, then sum up the arguments of the opposition. In the end the researcher will present his/ her own arguments and finally conclude with . . . .

Telemedicine: Will telemedicine improve the quality of healthcare and its delivery for remotely located advanced healthcare para-professionals?


The basic purpose of this study is to discuss whether telemedicine will improve the quality of health care and it's delivery for remotely located advanced health care para-professionals.

The scope of the study is over . . . .

economic, social, and moral changes in America since the end of World War II

Introduction and Background

Since the end of World War II, the American people have seen an extraordinary change in the economic, social and moral priorities of the nation and its people. Three generations have grown up since the war, each positively and negatively influenced by their parents and social . . . .

Infinite Megapixels

Digital photography presents a whole new world of opportunities for casual and professional photographers alike. Probably the most significant contribution of digital photography is the ability to change pictures at any stage. The act of taking a digital picture itself is akin to first mixing the paints on a palette before actually applying brush to canvas. Taking . . . .



The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the theory of machine vs. nature, and how those views differ in the present from that time period, comparing it to the book "Man a Machine" by Julien Offray de la Mettrie.


There are as many different minds, different characters, and different customs, as there are . . . .

This case analysis will be based on Case 7: Dell Computer Corporation: Strategy and Challenges for the 21st Century, by Thompson and Gamble. This case analysis will evaluate a variety of factors including, the role of Michael Dell as CEO, and his strategy. Further, a brief SWOT analysis will be given, and a competitive strength assessment will compare Dell to major competitors. Advantages of . . . .

Third Party Intervention in the Middle East

The headlines everyday report more violence in the Middle East than ever before. Television broadcasts offer viewers a barrage of suicide bombers, massacres, garden-variety atrocities of all types, and a group who hails themselves as "Freedom Fighters." With so many women, children, and others who do not support their position as victims, one . . . .

Question #1: International Trade Theory and Export Promotion

The two graphs represent the production outputs of two countries. The first graph represents a developed country, which specializes in the production of machines, which is capital intensive.

The second graph represents a developing country which specializes in textiles, which is labor intensive. The factor endowments . . . .


Aristotle is considered to be the philosopher of philosophers, he virtually wrote about everything, he pioneered most of the disciplines like psychology, biology, meteorology and political science. For almost a thousand years Aristotle's theories were unchallenged such was the impact of his philosophy and thought. The medieval philosophy of Scholastics and early . . . .

The term 'endangered species' means any species which is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range other than a species of the Class Insect a determined by the Secretary to constitute a pest whose protection under the provisions of this Act would present an overwhelming and overriding risk to man." A threatened species "means any species which is likely to . . . .


Summary. This is a 5-page design of a curriculum of all the schools of a district. It uses 5 sources and is in APA format.

The main aim of my curriculum that I have designed for five elementary schools, 4 middle schools and one high school of the district, is that I intend uniformity in the curriculums of all the schools so all the schools impart the same . . . .

The Oedipal Loop: Substance Abusers vs. 'Royalty'

The psychologies of substance abuse and of royalty may seem on one level to be worlds apart. One is, after all, literally on top of things by law, decree, and birth—the other only gets "to the top" in an illusory world created by reliance on the drug of choice. But upon closer examination, especially in the play Oedipus the King, the . . . .

Kmart Corporation Problems

This paper will discuss the Kmart Corporation and its performance problems that have become evident over the past few months. First we will provide an overall description of the organization including its macro and microenvironments. Next we will diagnose the apparent problems that the Kmart Corporation has. The paper will then present a plan of intervention . . . .

The Responsibility of Non-Urbanites to Help Resolve Urban Problems

In our increasingly interdependent society, in a world of trade globalization and the Internet and global warming, there are few things one group of people on one part of the planet can to that will not have repercussions for other people living on other parts of the planet. In an era in which people cannot be isolated . . . .

The Future Developments of the Internet

E-mail and web browsers form the tip of the networking iceberg. Current Internet infrastructure limits future potential for data transference, as most of the nation and the world still rely on copper wire and IPv4. More than any other factor, bandwidth capacity affects the performance, versatility, and utility of the Internet. In his 1996 State of . . . .

Copyright Infringement & the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998

This paper looks into the issues of copyright infringement and circumvention of technology with reference to Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The author of this paper has carefully studied the law in question and has focused on various issues connected with this legislation. DMCA is a highly . . . .

ACARS stand for Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System. This system allows aircrafts to communicate and report to the ground and vice-versa. It does so by transmitting data on VHF frequencies that can be received and decoded. It is a digital datasystem in VHF (Aviation). It makes it possible for aviation companies to "communicate" and track the planes of their fleet.

. . . .

Communication is key in all aspects of business. It provides potential clients and customers with contact information, business information and much more.

Businesses receive information daily through a variety of sources. We listen to the radio, watch television, and read magazines for both information and entertainment. Businesses use communication technologies when they advertise to . . . .

Banking Industry - Merchant Services & Electronic Funds Transfer Services

Environment Trends: Changes in the financial services sector came about in the late 20th century as a result of falling profits from plain vanilla consumer deposits and increased competition from investment banks and mutual funds for consumer savings (Hoover's Online). This led to banks of all types and sizes . . . .


Abstract: This is 35 page analysis of how online retailing operates, what kind of problems they face and the kind of environment they operate in. The author has also focused on Asian online retailing and special focus on Hong Kong online retailing. It has 22 sources.


Access of basic necessities of life has followed the conventional method of . . . .

outline for a research report on Internet Addiction



Create a one-page outline for a 25 to 30 page research report on Internet Addiction.


The outline should include reasons for selecting the problem, proposed research methods, summary of finding, etc.


The outline will serve as a guide for developing a . . . .


SUBJECT: Communications Workshop One

Changing Jobs Following a Brief Period of Employment

Opting to take another job only a week after beginning a new job is not illegal, as people a free to come and go as they please. However, there are many consequences that must be considered before a conclusion is reached. Ethical implications, possible alternatives and . . . .

what brand of computer and printer is the best buy for college students?



Write a 3-page presentation on what brand of computer and printer represents the best buy for college students.


Review relevant and current literature.


Buying a computer is a personal choice based on your needs. That decision . . . .

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