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***** data automation is defined as "the capturing of data at the source and recording it accur*****ely, in a timely f*****shion, with minimal manual effort, and in a form that can be directly entered ********** a computer." ("Transaction Processing Activities")

***** recent years, this technology has become essential to the success of businesses around the world. Source data ***** is used in various ways to increase ***** productivity of firms and organizations.

Data au*****mation is important because it decreases the costs associated with getting a product from the supplier to the consumer. ("***** D*****ta Automation") This decrease in costs is realized ***** automation reduces the time that it takes to place ***** receive orders. A prime example ***** source data ***** ***** be found at Wal-Mart. When the cashier scans a product ***** has been purchased, the ***** autom*****ically orders that product ***** suppliers to put back in***** the inventory of ***** particular store. Using data automation also allows Wal-Mart to better understand the purchasing patterns ***** customers in different regions of the country. This form of data ***** has ***** crucial to ***** ***** of the Wal-Mart chain.

Source data automation is beneficial to ***** and consumers for four reasons. First, it reduces ***** ***** businesses ***** helps *****m ***** maintain healthy profit margins. Second, it improves the relationship between ***** and suppliers. Thirdly, ***** produces customer loyalty because costumers know that they will receive there products in a timely ***** efficient manner. Lastly ***** data automation also reduces the price that consumers have to pay for products. ***** reduction in price is due to ***** fact that businesses are saving money which enables them to pass on these savings ***** consumers.

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