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US Constitution and ***** of Florida

The structures of the United States Constitution (USC) and ***** ***** State Constitution (FSC) are remarkably similar. Both are broken up into articles (seven in the former, twelve in the latter) and fur*****r subdivided into sections. The *****, however, includes twenty-seven amendments.

Much of the content of the USC amendments, particularly the first ten (which are known collectively as the "Bill of Rights") are incorporated into the first article of the *****. This article, summarized as a "Declaration of Rights" is clearly an attempt to learn from the omissions of ***** past; even the order ***** the ***** closely match the USC amendments.

***** second article of the FSC, "General Provisions," covers issues such as boundaries, form of government, the basis of state ethical law, and declaring ***** official language. None of this material has a counterpart in the USC.

The ***** three ********** ***** the USC ***** the third, fourth, and fifth of the FSC. They cover each ***** the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The FSC is very exhaustive on the topics of powers, duties, and purpose, but the USC only briefly addresses a handful ***** critical *****sues before moving on to the next branch.

This reflects the fact that these documents fill different roles. The USC was, first and foremost, a statement to England, the world, and the newly-formed United ***** of America, that it had become a sovereign n*****tion. The particulars were inconsequential except inasmuch as ********** inspired confidence in the ability of ***** new government to act successfully.

The FSC, on the other hand, was written with the intent ***** ***** a lot of leg*****l ground. It is a one-source document to define an entire governmental system. As a result, it ***** well over five times as long.

This differing role is also expressed in the subject areas c*****ed that are not covered in ***** USC; election methods, taxation, ********** local government are all defined in the FSC. The USC restricts itself to enumerat*****g powers of the governmental branches and of the state government versus ***** national


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