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US Constitution and ***** of Florida

The structures of the United States Constitution (USC) and ***** Florida State Constitution (FSC) are remarkably similar. Both are broken up into articles (seven in the former, twelve in the latter) and fur*****r subdivided ***** sections. The *****, however, includes twenty-seven amendments.

Much of the content ***** the USC amendments, particularly the first ten (which are known collectively as ***** "Bill of Rights") ***** incorporated into the first article of the *****. This article, summarized as a "Declaration ***** Rights" is clearly an attempt to learn from the omissions of ***** past; even the order ***** ***** ***** closely match the USC amendments.

***** second article of the FSC, "General Provisions," covers issues such as boundaries, form of government, the basis of state ethical law, and declaring the *****ficial language. None of this material has a counterp*****rt in the USC.

The ***** three articles ***** the USC are ***** third, fourth, ***** fifth of the FSC. They cover each of the three branches ***** government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The ***** is very exhaustive on the topics of powers, duties, ***** purpose, but the USC only briefly addresses a handful ***** critical issues before mov*****g on to the next branch.

This reflects the fact that these documents fill different roles. The USC was, first and foremost, a statement to England, the world, and the newly-formed United *****s of America, that it had become a sovereign n*****tion. The particulars were inconsequential except inasmuch as they inspired confidence in the ability ***** the new government to act successfully.

The FSC, on the o*****r hand, was written with the intent to cover a lot of legal ground. It is a one-source document to define an entire governmental system. As a result, it ***** well over five times as long.

This differing role is also expressed in the subject *****as covered that are not covered in ***** *****; election methods, taxation, and local government are all def*****ed in the *****. The USC restricts itself ***** enumerating powers of the ***** branches ***** of the state government versus the national


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