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Consumer Behavior (Marketing)

The Role that Personality and Motivation Play in Consumer *****: A Case Study of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)


In today's information-oriented society, research and development, particularly information research, has become an important activity for business companies, institutions, and organizations, who want to know more about the consumer market, people ***** consider consumption as embedded and part of their everyday lives. Initially, commercialism of goods and services through advertising mainly focused on extant products and services that people need; nowadays, persuasive messages are extended through *****, informing people about the ***** and services ***** they should and ought to know ***** buy for themselves.

***** these products and services ***** persuasive advertising messages, however, are the ***** of advertising research. More specifically, consumer research tries to identify not only the socio-demographic, but also psychographic profile of consumers, understanding how people can be persuaded to buy a company's product or service. Consumer research looks into the motivations and personalities of an individual in terms of consuming or buying a particular product or service, later turning this in*****mation into strategies geared at gaining a ***** segment of the ***** that the company targets ***** centers on.

This paper discusses in detail ***** role that motivation ***** personality plays in influencing consumer behavior, taking the case ***** the ***** and ***** Banking ***** (HSBC) as an example to discuss *****d analyze ********** ***** points. In this paper, an analysis of the print ads ***** HSBC is analyzed, relating its features to identify its target market and perceived ********** and personalities of HSBC's ***** market. Th***** study aims to provide an illustration of how motivation and ***** analysis of ***** are vital to the understanding ***** ***** *****s and behavior.

***** Personality and Motivation as illustrated in HSBC Pr*****t ads

***** terms motivation and personality may seem familiar for people, but its signifi*****ce ***** consumer behavior is less known, yet increasingly essential in *****ing, determining, and ***** insights regarding ***** patterns and preferences.

Personality is defined by Sheth et. al. (1999) as "[a] person's consistent ways [sic] of responding to the environment in which he or s***** *****" (G-11). Personality, he states, is created through ***** combining of external influences or t***** social environment and genetic ***** biological traits of the individual. The combination of social with the individual results to the creation or development customer personality; ***** personality may be product- or service-oriented, or both (243). Product-*****iented consumers tend to patronize a product or service based on the merchand*****e itself, while service-*****iented consumers tend to "seek relationships" with ***** seller, producer of the service or manufacturer ***** the product.

*****, meanwhile, is identified as "an inner drive that reflects goal-oriented arousal" (Arnould et. al., 2004:259). It differs from ***** in ***** it is a deeper and more abstract concept, although similar to ***** ***** ***** sense that *****s are also linked to the social environment and individual traits of the individual.

***** order to distinguish properly between the


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