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***** and Parole

Probation and parole functions have usually gone hand in hand in the correction system, and are often mentioned as one in the same agency. For this reason, a combined *****gency should administer both these *****as. Legislatures and governments traditionally under fund ***** areas of the corrections function, and combining them would allow a greater number of *****ficers ***** greater efficiency in monitoring ex-convicts and convicted offenders.

While probation ***** parole are often mentioned in the same breath, they do serve different ***** that ultimately hope for the same goals. The ***** function monitors criminals after their release from prison or criminals serving "home" type sentences. F***** example, a prob*****tion officer monitored Martha Stewart after her release from prison and while she was still confined to her home ***** several months. Probation officers serve the court, and can actually make arrests, take evidence, arrange for drug tests, and aid ***** offender is his return to society.

A parole board, on the o*****r hand, is the decision making body that decides whe*****r a prisoner has fulfilled their sentence and can be released back into society. They must take into account the ********** record, their crime, and their attitude, to make sure the prisoner can ***** again in society. In addition, depending on ***** level of offense, a prisoner may be released into parole rather than probation. A parole agent reports to the ***** *****, and is responsible ***** *****ir specific offenders when they are released from pr*****on. They study the offenders *****fore they ***** released, draw up plans and guidelines for them after their release, and even help the offenders find jobs, housing, ***** whatever else they need to survive on the outside. Both of ********** agencies have a common goal - to protect the public. ***** just do it in slightly different ways.

It simply makes sense to blend these two agencies together, since they share much of the same information and both work w*****h ex-convicts and criminals who have been convicted of crimes. In fact, many ***** *****s around the country have blended *****se functions already. Not merging ***** can have monetary and societal consequences. One Oregon reporter notes, "Court, corrections and ***** agencies have grown up with separate databases, separate offices ***** separate staffs in ways not conducive to a comprehensive, systematic approach to offender management" (Bishop D1). Because parole and probation ***** are ***** ***** entities, ***** do ***** share information, such as *****, ***** because of *****, problem ********** ***** fall though the cracks of ***** system and become lost or untraceable. In addition, combining these agencies saves ***** tax dollars, and makes them more effective in the process. These ***** departments traditionally do not get the same ***** and amount ***** f*****ancing as other correctional departments, and so, they often are understaffed and unable to effectively monitor all the people they ***** to monitor. This can be dangerous to the public safety if an offender is d*****gerous, ***** released ***** probation, and


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