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Cover Letter

I am submitting this application because I firmly believe that I am the perfect fit for this position, and ***** this ***** is the ***** fit for me. As I outline my experience and education, ***** will demonstrate why I ***** precisely the candidate you seek, and what ***** will bring to your company.

I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Account*****g, with a cumulative GPA ***** 3.1. These studies have formed a strong b*****se of knowledge in the field, and ***** prepared me for an entry-level accounting position. The background I have acquired in the course of ***** education, such as strong financial analytical skills ***** a solid grounding in accounting principles and methods, have prepared me ***** enter the workforce at this level. I have followed my degree with enrollment in ***** CPA program, and I am scheduled to take the ex***** in August 2009.

This educ*****ion builds on ***** previous work experience. At Citigroup's Karachi office, I interned as a financial analyst, a ***** that spurred me to pursue ***** come ***** United States ***** pursue my dream of a financial career. In that role I was able to prepare an analysis of the Pakistani budget. *****n ***** course of this preparation, I had to not only evaluate the ***** on its own terms, but also to synthesize this information with our own corporate objectives. In the c*****se ***** this *****, I was able to come to several key implications that the budget had for our operations and strategies, and was ***** to present this ***** to senior management. This role ***** included o*****r key areas of responsibility, including financial modeling of a major pharmaceutical company. That work led me to publish a research report on the key shareholders in the pharmaceutical *****dustry. Being able to publish this report illustrates my strengths in accounting, ec*****omics ***** strategic analysis.

***** ***** also worked hard ***** build a body ***** work here in the US. This h*****s included working as an assistant manager at retail store, a task that exposed me to ***** fundamentals of inventory management, receivables and payables, scheduling, and evaluating salary levels.

Using that early experience as a b*****e, I then took a*****her position where I supervised a pair of retail outlets for T-Mobile. A more comprehensive position, I gained valuable experience in budget*****g, payroll and *****. As a student I worked in library, build*****g my supervisory and management skills, to complement my prior front-line ***** experience.

When ***** diverse range of experience is coupled with my formal accounting education, it results in a compell*****g package for your *****. ***** not only have the accounting ***** you seek, but also a whole host of other skills th*****t make me a superior candidate. The managerial background ***** only gives me a sense of perspective, but also makes me a ***** candidate ***** rapid advance*****nt through ********** organization. My work with Citigroup in Pakistan demonstrates my ability ***** perform advanced financial and economic analysis, a


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