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Criminal Justice

Direct Patrol

Direct patrol is completely directed and predetermined ***** of specific "hot spots" of known ***** difficult criminal activity. It is different from traditional patrol because the patrol officers engage in very ***** functions designed to prevent crime before it occurs. It involves much more research and planning than traditional patrols, and it may utilized other types of patrols, such as foot or bicycle patrols geared to certain outcomes ***** topography.

Sherman, Gartin, and Buerger argue against random patrols because of their very random nature. They maintain that crime *****self ***** random, and randomizing patrols can make the desired results even more random. They ***** that even in the largest cities, there are hot spots of criminal activity, and by using directed patrols geared specifically to the crimes that commonly occur in *****se hot *****, it is e*****ier to ***** ***** control crime. The authors' study of criminal activity in Minneapolis indicates that most ***** the criminal activity, and even specific ***** of activity, happened in particular locations in the city, and even at ***** addresses within those areas, such as bars. Thus, directed patrols directed specifically at that bar, especially during peak periods, could help lower and pr*****t crime from *****ring.

***** addition, after the Kansas City Patrol Experiment, the police department noted that it was going ***** develop a directed patrol system to help control and prevent crime in the *****. This ***** a direct result ***** what the study found, that rout*****e ***** did not help deter and ***** crime, ***** that other patrol methods, such as ***** or ***** *****s, were better at deterring **********, especially in certa***** hot spots in the city. *****, the study showed that policing can have a positive affect on a *****'s crime rate, and it also showed that effective commun*****y involvement, combined with direct patrol, can be a serious deterrent ***** crime, especially in areas of known and c*****tinued criminal activity.


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