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Criminal Justice

Direct Patrol

Direct patrol is completely directed and predetermined patrol of specific "hot spots" of known ***** difficult criminal activity. It is different from traditional patrol because the ***** officers engage in very specific functions designed to prevent crime before it occurs. It *****volves much more research and planning than traditional patrols, and it may utilized other types of *****, such as foot or bicycle patrols geared to certain outcomes ***** **********.

Sherman, Gartin, and Buerger argue against random patrols because of their very random nature. They maintain that crime *****self ***** random, and r*****omizing ***** can make the desired results even more random. They maintain that ***** in the largest cities, *****re are hot ***** ***** criminal *****, and by using directed patrols geared specifically to the *****s that commonly occur in *****se hot spots, it is e*****ier to ***** ***** control crime. The authors' study of ***** activity in Minneapolis indicates that most ***** the criminal activity, and even specific types of activity, happened in particular locations in the city, ***** even at ***** addresses with***** those areas, such as bars. Thus, directed ***** directed ***** at that bar, especially during peak periods, could help lower and pr*****t crime ***** occurring.

***** addition, after the Kansas City Patrol Experiment, the police department noted ***** it was going to develop a directed p*****trol system ***** help control and prevent crime in ***** *****. This was a direct result ***** what the study found, that routine patrols did not help deter and ***** crime, ***** that o*****r patrol methods, such as ***** or direct *****s, were better at deterring *****s, especially in certa***** hot ***** in the city. *****, the study showed th***** polic*****g can have a positive affect on a ********** crime rate, and it also showed that effective commun*****y involvement, combined ***** ***** patrol, can be a serious deterrent to crime, especially in ***** of known and c*****tinued criminal activity.


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Preventive Patrol Experiment: A Summary Report. Washing*****n DC: Police Foundation, 1974.

Sherman, Lawrence W., Gartin, Patrick R, and Buerger, Michael E. "Hot Spots of Predatory Crime: Routine Activities and ***** Criminology of Place." Criminology, Vol. 27, No. 1, 1989.


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