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Criminal Justice - Security


Discuss the growing need for computer security:

The modern business environment relies so heavily on computer technology that malicious external infiltration of computer systems and unauthorized internal access may threaten ***** entire ***** operation. Because sensitive identifying and billing information is stored in computer *****, security is essential to protect employee privacy as well.

Discuss the various options to reduce vulnerability to ***** crimes:

Strict control ***** internal access on a ********** basis is *****e option to ***** vulnerability to computer *****. Implementation of sophisticated network ***** features such as "honey nets" ***** "honey pots" help identify malicious threats and resolve existing vulnerabilities inherent in coded software applications.

Discuss ***** issue of workplace violence ***** a threat to the productivity ***** an organization as well ***** a crime against employees:

Workplace ***** threatens the ***** of an organization because it undermines employee motivation and concentration. Virtually all instances ***** violence in ***** workplace represent *****s against persons (Schmalleger 1997) that should be appropriately addressed by legal authorities.

***** some of the tools used by loss prevention, EAP, ***** HR personnel to prevent ***** at work:

Pre-employment background investigations and criminal history checks are some of the most valuable ***** for preventing workplace violence because ***** data suggest that this type of behavior occurs in patterns rather than in isolation (Halbert & Ingulli 2000). Identify the steps that should be taken by security personnel ***** dealing with workplace violence situations:

***** cases of workplace violence, ***** ***** notify administrative personnel and law en*****cement authorities immediately. In serious cases warranting temporary suspension or permanent removal, security should ensure that all access materials ***** identification credentials are secured from the perpetrator or inactivated to prevent future use.

Provide a brief historic*****l perspective on the development ***** terrorism:

According to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz (2002), modern terrorism began in the 1970s with the politically motivated airline hijackings.

Describe and apply ***** rules *****d in h*****ling bomb threats:

The first c*****cern is ***** protect the public by cordoning off the area *****.

Both local and federal authorities should be contacted immediately so that appropriate bomb squad and hazmat resources can be allocated to the scene.

***** ***** signifi*****ce of 9/11 in changing the face of *****:

The attacks of 9/11 fundamentally changed the ***** of U.S. security concerns to focus primarily on domestic ***** of ***** perpetrated by foreign-based Islamic militar*****m.

***** security trends that will impact the security field over the next 10 or more years:

In the next decades, there is a distinct risk th*****t terrorists will acquire fissile materials for incorporation into nuclear devices. Combined with Osama bin Laden's expressed intention to orchestrate a "***** holocaust" on the U.S., this may be the most ***** threat to American domestic security in ***** near future.

Describe the limitati*****s that security has ***** addressing security in the near future:

In many respects, ***** efforts are limited by ***** quality of intelligence ga*****d and the efficiency


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