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Critique of a Qualitative Research


***** of Interest & Purpose

The purpose of the study is to explore and describe ***** experiences relatives have while taking care of their critically ill patients that are confined in the intensive c***** unit (ICU). Th***** study aims to scrutinize this phenomenon using a qu*****litative method. *****e ***** ***** this study was clearly stated. It defined the subject to be studied and the *****. The term "relative" ***** further ***** to avoid confusion ***** to clearly define the subjects for observation. Relatives stood ***** anyone close and looking after ***** patient in the ICU. The objective of the study was limited to an ICU in a D*****nish university hospital. The study also aimed to ***** the points of view of these relatives including their perception ***** the roles of an ***** nurse.

The ***** of interest in ***** case is to observe and ***** the experiences of ***** whose loved ones are confined in the ICU. This is of significance because relatives go through several psychological stresses when ***** loved ones are suddenly taken ill. Hav*****g a ***** one in an ***** implies that there is a chance ***** th***** patient may not survive. ***** f*****d themselves in a situation where they are uncertain about the future. They may even be in a state of shock. Relatives, like their admitted loved ones, need adequate attention and support from health care providers. ICU nurses must then be able to provide holistic care not only to the patient but the *****' relatives as well. A deeper understand*****g of the ********** experiences and their consequent needs may guide the ***** nurse in catering to their needs **********.

The authors rationalized why a qualitative method was better over a quantitative approach. ***** used other studies to justify their preference for qualitative approach. In this *****, in-depth interviews are conducted. A qualitative approach enables researchers ***** explore relatives' experiences beyond a single question. On the o*****r h*****, t*****e use of *****n*****ires in the quantitative approach may fail to touch on important concerns of these relatives. ***** quantitative approach ********** to allow relatives to expound or elaborate on ***** percepti***** of the situation. Beca***** of these limitations, a qualitative method ***** preferred.

Descriptive Vividness

The authors were able to describe the aspects of the study clearly. However, ********** were some ***** of the study that were described with ambiguity. In *****s ***** the study site, the authors only described it as ***** ICU in a Danish ***** hosp*****al; it failed to state which hospital was the focus. The credibility of the ***** would have been more developed if the identity of the hospital was concretized. ***** setting of the interview was also described in detail; the *****s were conducted ***** a quiet room at the hospital or in the relative's home. The authors also described the participants or subjects vividly. S***** relatives ***** **********, four spouses and three p*****nts. *****ir ages ranged from 39 to 72


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