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The objective of this work is to write a paper which will incorporate the memes concept from Dawkins and the education-funding ***** from Kozol and to identify ***** cultural memes that would have to be altered in order for *****'s solution ***** be accepted. This work ***** further look at an approach to funding education as a paradigm and analyze the problem ***** a p*****radigm including the education and memes paradigms embedded in the overall concept.


***** is a ***** existing in tod*****y's society regarding ***** that is deeply entrenched in American thought concern*****g the quality of educational provision in the United States. This memes is simply the belief ***** educational provision is equal to all children, in all schools, and that ***** children has the same potential successful educational outcomes because that ***** how it is done in the United States. Th***** however, could not be further from the truth ***** ***** is specifically what the follow*****g research examines.


*****is work examines ***** proposed "selfish gene" and ***** work of Kozol who relates that a cultural ***** is inevitably woven within the very structure of *****day's educational system - indeed a way ***** thinking and perceiving that is so ***** embedded that it will require purposeful and cogn*****ive focus toward reprogramming ***** factually digressive ***** pervasive memes ***** education in the ***** States.


The work of John S. Wilkins entitled: "What's In A Meme? Reflections From The Perspective Of The History *****nd Philosophy ***** Evolutionary Biology" states that the fundamental ***** "of memetics is ***** meme ***** the unit of cultural evolution and selection. This term is unclear in its mean*****g ***** what it denotes, and the application of evolution to culture is often based on a p*****rtial or even m*****taken notion of ***** general structure of evolutionary explanation." (1998) Memes are defined specifically as "an inf*****mation pattern, held in an individual's memory, which is capable ***** being copied ***** another individual's memory." (Heylighen, 2001) Memetics ***** defined as: "the theoretical and empirical science that studies the spread and evolution of *****." (Heylighen, 2001) ***** ***** ***** "...cultural evolution, ***** the evolution ***** knowledge, can be modeled through the ***** basic principles of variation ***** selection that underly biological evolution. This implies a shift from genes as *****s ***** biological information to a new type of units of cultur*****l information: memes." (2001) Heylighen further informs this study that a meme is *****:."..a cognitive or behavioral pattern that can be transmitted from one individual to ***** one. Since the individual who transmitted the meme will continue to carry it, the transmission can ***** interpreted as a replication: a copy of ***** ***** is made in the ***** ***** another *****, making him or her into a carrier of the meme. This process of self-reproduction (the *****tic life-cycle), leading to spreading over a growing group of individuals, defines the meme as a replicator, similar in that respect


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