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Filipino culture is rich, diverse, and complex. The culture draws from both Spanish and Southeast Asian traditions, because the Philippines were conquered by ***** Spanish in the sixteenth century. Filipino ***** is therefore highly unique; the Tagalog language, food, and customs reflect a combination of indigenous and Spanish influences. Moreover, a sizable Muslim population also inhabits the Philippines, making ***** isl***** nation remarkably *****.

***** Filipino culture, Chilean culture is ***** influenced by Spanish customs and traditions, as both Chile and the Philippines ***** conquered ***** ruled by the Spanish. However, the indigenous Incan culture ***** what is now Chile differed greatly from the ***** Filipino culture. Both the ***** and Chile are Catholic countries, ***** Catholicism ***** ***** cultures of both nations.

Modern German culture is the product ***** the country's long and varied h*****tory. *****, German culture differs greatly from both Filipino culture and Chilean culture. Most Germans ***** not Catholic, but rather, Protestant. In fact, the Reformation had its roots in Germany. Furthermore, Germany has never been ***** by the Spanish and *****refore exhibits little Latin influence. Formerly a group of independent states, Germany has undergone several political and social transformations over the course of its long history.

All three of these cultures are fascinating and I appreciate each of them. ***** has a rich intellectu*****l tradition, but ***** society is less overtly warm ***** friendly than the Chilean culture. Because so many Americans descend from German ancestors, German ***** is less interesting in *****me ways than ei*****r Filip*****o or Chilean culture. Filipine culture and Chilean cultures are ***** exotic and I know little about the customs and lifestyles ***** either people. All ***** of these cultures are imp*****tant today, ***** it is especially important to preserve knowledge ***** the indigenous peoples of Chile and ***** Philippines. Germany is the only one of ***** three that is wealthy enough ***** have a notice*****ble influence on global


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