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Danny's Decision

1) The central ethical issue is whether or not Danny should leak the inf*****mation to Cross about the fraudulent contracts. Danny would need to break the law in order to give ***** the information, but the information pertains to others in government breaking the law. Danny has a responsibility to ***** American people in his role ***** uncover such information, but he also has a responsibility to t***** ***** people *****o protect the national security interest.

2) One of the key issues is whether or not ***** ***** other channels available to him ***** blow the whistle on ***** fraudulent c*****tracts. He may in fact have legal means to resolve the issue, rather that resort*****g to illegal means through contact with Cross. Indeed, Danny appears ***** be covered by the Whistleblower Protection Act, meaning ***** he can disclose the fraud to others within government and receive protection against action from his superiors (Whitaker, 2007). Thus, ***** may have other alternatives that lessen the ***** quandary involved.

3) Danny can go to *****, keep the information to himself or ***** through o*****r ***** ***** as an internal whistleblower. We can deduce that those within his department will be negatively affected by the first and third options. Danny ***** suffer consequences with the first option because the activity is illegal. ***** second option will result in fewer negative consequences for Danny but he ***** have failed the American ***** ***** ***** duty. The ***** option will allow him to meet his ***** and mitigate ***** consequences to **********. The other key stakeholder is ***** security. The fraudulent contracts are more potentially damaging than the ***** of them, so the ***** option is most *****. The public ***** a stakeholder ***** be ***** harmed by the first and second options, the first because ***** controversy would undermine ***** confidence in government and the ***** ***** the taxpayers would be subject to ongoing fraud.

4) Under rule utilitarian*****m, Danny should consider the ***** ***** his action if he were to follow t***** rules all of the time (Mautner, no date). ***** is guided ***** the boundaries of h***** job, w*****ich obliges him ***** consider both his duty to the American people and to national security. The expected consequences, in general, are the protection of national security ***** the occasional fraud or abuse *****ing allowed. ***** this rule, Danny would need to trust that, on average, the results are going to be positive. With whistleblower protecti***** in place, however, Danny can now protect both national ***** ***** the taxpayer's interest, though Danny ********** assume the system ***** work as intended, given recent c*****es of ***** ***** of state secrets privilege ***** protest itself (Edmond, *****).

Under deontology, *****, choices ***** morally required, forbidden or permitted. For Danny, the dilemma is that the two choices he has identified are both ***** by law. The third option - to be an internal ***** - is permitted. Indeed, it ***** ***** required, because it is part


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